Books Of Nor

The Complete Works of Severius of Skyvale
A series of plays from the famed Bard of Skyvale, including the famous play "Adventures of The Seekers" (an adventuring company).

The Way of the Light
A theological piece on Sul and her teachings by Brother Tobin

Trik and Tork guide to Fishing
A how to Book or childrens book on fishing and what bait to use where.

Librum AEtherius
A book about the Ethereal Plane as told by a wizard for wizards (some say the book contains a hidden spell to access the Ethereal Plane and the wizards library there)

Theory of Evolution
Written by Professor Wiley, based on information and relics recovered from an "Ancient" digsite.

Gates of the Moon
A book on interpurting the spirital signs of everyday life

A treaty on recent events.

The Wizard's Eye
A collection of treaties on the use of various power componets.

William Kell's A Bard's Primer
Famous and original pieces from a bard of Emik

A fantasy story based loosely on the legends of the Kings of Eroth

Herbal Remedies
A instructionary book written by Corvin Oakridge on the arts of Herbcraft

Adventurer's West
A mock play of a group of "adventures" who build an elaborite story at a local tavern of thier latest adventure with each adventure adding more fantastic tales to the story Author unknown.

Vysguard's Guidebook for Adventurers
While the origional are just a collection of notes from Vysguard the journal has been added to by adventures who have found it in thier travels. Currently in it's third printing.

A Song of Fire and Ice
Three epics that tell the coming of The Phoenix, Frostfell, and The 3rd Dawn

Seven Swords Saga
Seven stories of seven brothers who travel the world seeking skill at arms in diffrent lands.

The Sword of Danier
Master of the Greatsword

The Sword of Gytol
Master of Twin Short Swords

The Sword of Yern
Master of the Katanna

The Sword of Torig
Master of the Khopesh

The Sword of Darrin
Master of the Scimitar

The Sword of Morgan
Master of The Rapier

The Sword of Ramais
Master of the Court Blade

Seven Shields
The final story in the Seven Swords Saga that tells of the brother's reunion and thier final battle with a dark being from beyond the stars.

Lentianl Soup for the Spirit
A collection of short stories by common folk for common folk.

Vytal's Guide to Goblins
Gudebook to those crazy nasties who are better dead then alive.

Craft book to metals and forging

Snead the Sneak
Collection of famous robberies of the last 100 years.

Light and Darkness
A first peron recollection of The Shadow War.

Edgard's Bounty
A Yuletide tale of a traveling bard spreading the tales of Yule. Also contains a collection of 7 children's tales for Yule made famous by Edgard.

Winter's Night
Poems of winter and holiday by acclaimed Syrian poet Mikael Rossteni

A Yuletide Carol
Story of a greedy money changer who learns to change his ways by seeing his past present and beyond.

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