The Wizard's Eye - A collection of treatises on the use of various power components.

William Kell's A Bard's Primer - Famous and original pieces from a bard of emik

Hidden Royalty - A fantasy story based loosely on the legends of the Kings of Eroth

Herbs Evolved - A instructional book written by Corvin Oakridge on the arts of Herbcraft

Adventurer's West - A mock play of a group of "adventures" who build an elaborate story at a local tavern of Thieu latest adventure with each adventure adding more fantastic tales to the story Author unknown.

A Tale of the Phoenix and the Snow Owl - Three epics that tell the coming of three ages of destruction. One of Fire, One of Frost, and the last, of darkness.

Seven Swords - Seven Stories of Seven brothers who travel the world seeking skill at arms in different lands. (Sword of Danier, Torig, Yern, Gytol, Darrin, Morgan, and Ramais)

Seven Shields - The final story in the seven swords saga that tells of the brother's reunion and their final battle with a dark being from beyond the realm of Shadow

Stone Soup for the Spirit - A collection of short stories by common folk for common folk.

Vytal's Guide to Goblins - Guidebook to those crazy nasties who are better dead then alive.

Hammerforge - Craft book to metals and forging

Snead the sneak - Collection of famous robberies of the last 100 years.

Light and Darkness - A first person recollection of the shadow war.

Gates of the Moon - a book on interpreting the spiritual signs of everyday life

The Complete Works of Severius of Skyvale- a series of plays from the famed Bard of Skyvale including the famous play the "Adventures of The Seekers" (an adventuring company).

The Way of the Light - a theological piece on Sul and her teachings by Brother Tobin

Trik and Tork guide to Fishing - Trik and Tork, the two fictional goblin protagonists spend recall their crazy expeditions to some of the best fishing spots in the river Trill learning the do and don't of fishing along the way. Written as a humorous introduction to fishing for children)

Librum AEtherius - a Book about the Ethereal Plane as told by a Wizard for Wizards (some say the book contains a hidden spell to access the ethereal plane)

The Walker - a translated journal of the lives of eleven Incarian men and the life lessons they have learned.

The End of the Storm - A fantasy story of self discovery and the loss of a child

Fabulous Fashion - The story of a Designer and his goal to make sure the sash was never forgotten.

The Realm of the Ice Queen: A full and comprehensive account of the wild barbarians, feral dragons, ice vampires and other strange and wonderful creatures found beyond the Ice Wall. The book was written by Captain Morris Alcorn, a former pirate who disappeared for several years. He had been presumed lost at sea, but returned to tell of his adventures and write this book. The book has sold well, and led to increasing interest in exploring the area further. Captain Alcorn is currently using his new fame to raise money for more ventures to the northlands, while angrily confronting the occasional doubter who asks for proof that he's ever actually been there.

Stairwells Down: The story of a butler who worked for the late Sea Lord Milton Drac. This book chronicles Drac's rise and fall, with many additional tales of other prominent members of the community (and how many of them offered bribes of various kinds to the former ruler). Its author has understandably gone into hiding since writing it, as many of those mentioned in it are extremely unhappy to be so honored. More than one bookseller has has his store invaded by armed men demanding that he turn over all copies of this book immediately. Of course, this has made the work very popular, and many copies have found their way into general circulation.

Fair and Balanced: Five Years of Struggle Against Lies, Ignorance and Cowardice: A stirring, passionately written account of one heroic newspaper editor and how he built the Freeport Times into the greatest paper on Nor. He explains how only the Enloquicedo Guild would believe in him, and gave him a chance to run the paper the family owned. His hard work and constant factification have made the Times the best known paper on Skull Island, as he has a gift for putting the story in terms all readers can understand and clearly explaining who is responsible for all the problems in the city. The book takes every opportunity to repeat these claims, and has sold very well in some parts of the island.

The Littlest Pirate: The story of a child named Jake who stowed away on a pirate ship. He hid in the hold until the ship was ambushed by a small kraken and lost most of its crew. Jake was scared out of the hold and onto the deck when one of the creature's tentacles pushed through into the space he had been hiding in. With its crew depleted and its hull riddled with holes, the ship was surely doomed - but Jake's imagination and ingenuity saved the day over and over again, until the ship was able to limp back home. This popular children's book has inspired a series describing Jake's subsequent adventures.

The Kings of the City: A biography of a group of musicians from the Warehouse district of Freeport who achieved great popularity a few years ago. Several members of the band had some magical ability, and the group used these to enhance their performances. They used a variety of illusion effects to provide visual accompaniment to their songs, and also to supply sound effects that had never been heard before. They were able to make a large amount of money through this, which they then spent with equal speed on the various temptations the city offers. The book spends a lot of time describing these temptations in great detail.

Edgard's Bounty - A Yuletide tale of a traveling bard spreading the tales of Yule. Also contains a collection of 7 children's tales for Yule made famous by Edgard.

Winter's Night - Poems of winter and holiday by acclaimed Syrian poet Mikael Rossteni

A Yuletide Carol - Story of a greedy money changer who learns to change his ways by seeing his past present and beyond.

It's a Wonderful Existence - author unknown - A story of how one merchant has it all a loving family, a beautiful wife, and a prosperous business he owns with his uncle. All his life he has helped others even saving his brother’s life when they were younger. One day he finds that his uncle lost the earnings of their latest business venture. He begins a downward Spiral and fights with his wife and leaves into the snowy Yule night, just days before his brother is set to return, a hero of war. He stumbles upon a Djinni's Lamp. The Djinni grants his wish that he never existed. He learns that his brother would have died, his uncle would have become a beggar and his wife a lonely sad spinster. He learns the greatest treasure of all is his family and uses the second wish to make everything back to normal. His friends having learned of what happened gather around him, each showing how they intend to help him get back on his feet. He the uses the last wish to grant the Djinni the happiness and frees him from the curse of the lamp.

The End of the Storm - A fantasy story of self discovery and the loss of a child

Fabulous Fashion - The story of a Designer and his goal to make sure the sash was never forgotten

The Adventures of Allendale Quest - The tale of a great treasure hunter penned by the famous bard, Richard Stronghold

The New Adventures Of Allendale Quest - The sequel to The Adventures of Allendale Quest

Swamp Quest - Further adventures of AllenDale, Treasure hunter, written by Richard Stronghold

Sky Quest - Allendale goes to a flying city in search of a Ginat Griffon Feather

Quest's End - The last installment of the adventures of Allendale Quest, in which the main character is unexpectedly killed and eaten by Kobolds.

A thousand Twinkling Lights, A primer to the night Sky. - A book of constellations, their history, and how to find them in the night sky

Accidental blade - Coming of age story where a young street urchin learns he has a knack for a more dangerous line of work, assassination.

History of the Silver Ravens - An accounting of the founding of the Silver Blades and their journey to being the most prominent mercenary group in Eroth.

Tavern Talk - Three generations of the Preston Family have collected hundred of stories from locals in various taverns in the City of Freeport. Many of the stories are comical or fanciful as their narrators were usually many cups in. Some may even be true.

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