Bone Sages

The Bone Sages
Arnonia has always been a land dedicated to death. Even in it’s early days much of the land was dedicated to the worship of Incanus. During this this time, three undead wizards ruled most of Arnonia’ south. Levictius, Salarius, Rokat. Each of these rulers ruled their land a bit differently, but were devout following of the lord of Bones, and each one had taken their own life for an existence as that of an eternal Lich. They held an uneasy peace, each one allowing the others to go about their rule, but never truly trusting one another.
When Cuerestrum return to the world as a shade, he came to Arnonia, and grew in power, eventually regaining form and becoming a powerful power unto his own. He decided to take the land as his new kingdom and started with the southern portion. Some refer to this as the Great War of the Dead, as armies of undead fought each other under the control of their unholy rulers. Had the three current rulers worked together to stop the Unliving Tyrant, they may have held on to Arnonia. Instead, they each fell one at a time.
Cuerestrum captured all three and bound them in a tower of bone, forcing them to serve as councilors. He placed a powerful enchantment so the three would be forced to answer any question put forth to them by one who knew the secret phrase. He also provided them the means to know the world around them, so they could continue to learn but never effect the realm outside their Bone Tower.
Even with the Tyrant locked away today, the sages still inhabit their prison, forced to answer questions for those who know their secrets.

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