Bo S Journal

Entry One
Father came home today, finally after what seemed like forever. He brought me this journal so he could stay up to day with what has been going on while he is away. This way he knows even while traveling with out us what’s happening.
We had a good meal in celebration, mama roasted a whole pig and she sent me down to the root cellar to fetch the last of the potatoes, I love potatoes. After dinner Father began telling us tales of his journey.
“I traveled through Condor to Eroth and on the way I heard the most fantastic tales and helped to spread them. Tales of Edris the Magnificent and how he is Takhene’s gift to Nor. The locales love the stories and pay very well to hear them. Then as I traveled onward to Eroth I came upon a small village called Cloud’s Crossing. The locales told him the story of the Old Man of Cat Cave, a local story of a scary old man who not even fish liked. He spent his time figuring things out like what hurts monsters and how to trap darkness.”

Entry Two
After my chores are done Father said who would tell me more stories from his travels. After mucking the stalls and giving slop to the pigs milking the cows and feeding the hens, mama sent me and Father down to the river to catch supper.
While we were fishing Father told me the story of Jak and the Phoenix. One day an egg fell in a lake, a curious boy saw it and went to get it for dinner when he broke it open with his silver knife a phoenix came out and offered the boy one wish. The boy told the phoenix that he wanted to travel while still at home, so the phoenix gave him four super strong horses and a carriage twice as big as the one’s the Enlockquecy Guild uses. And those are Huge! To live in. It had a bedroom and kitchen and everything, it also had a sword rack on the back and a funny flag that said the south will rise again and painted on the side it said “ #1 Redneck not white trash”
I told Father how cool that was and he chuckled and said no it wasn’t and that you needed luck not to get crushed by it.

Entry Three
Father is leaving today, He said this one may take a while his plans are to head down to sandpoint and head to the mark. after all the changes going on over there it would be a good time to hear new tales and share some inspiring stories. After there he wants to head back to eroth and on to quagmire then psefeny to hear the legends of the Incara. he said just to keep up with my journal and he would come home when he learned as much as he could.
Father recanted some stories before he left, the one i find the most interesting was the cavern of the cat. Up North between Condor and Eroth is a small hamlet known as Cloud's Crossing, Nearby is an old cave the looks like a cats head. Inside lives an old man who even the animals dont like. he has learned all he can about the great evil and the weakness of his foes. and according to the story he has been gathering treasure to fight some coming battle against this evil. he has blades made by kayhill and items of power forged by wizards long dead. a real adventurers treasury that would be so cool to see…

Entry Four
It's been a week and we already miss him, I hope he comes home soon. Nothing is happenening around here at all just more chores and spending time at the river. A man did come to the house yesterday to bring me and mama a book he called him self a cainite whatever that is.

Entry Five
Mama sent me into town to see my uncle. apparantley he needed help moving from his big store to a small one down in the cellar of an inn. we talked and he said i should work for him writing things down and researching information for him. he said every great sage needs an apprentice so i asked him why he was moving into a basement. he took me upstairs and bought me lunch. After we ate he said this is why.

Entry Six
I was walking down by the river and came upon Sally Turner she was by the wading pool throwing rocks in. I stopped to ask her what was wrong and she just grabbed me and held on. Eventually she calmed down and told me how her ma and pa were sick and told her to get out of the house. they told her to run, and go to the city. It was getting late so I asked if she wanted to stay with us for the night and i would walkher to coralreef in the morning. She said okay and came to the house I told mama what happened and she agreed walking around at night was not good for a young lady to do, even if the moon is full. So she slept in my bed and mama made me sleep on the floor near her. the next day i walked her to the tavern were uncle crow was at to see if he still needed an assistant. he said not now but he could get sally a job in the kitchen.

Entry Seven thru Entry Thirty Five
Personal entries about Bo And Sallys growing relashionship

Entry Thirty Six
Mama dont seem well she got bit by something a month ago and seemed fine at first but no she is getting real sick, kinda like how sally's folks were with a high fever and eating nothing but meat. I ran to Turtleback ferry to get one of them caneites to help but the acolyte said he didn't know much about illness just aceptence or something and that the other brothers were all out delivering the newest copies of thier book and that father cain was at a carnival. Great I thought, and went to find a herbalist in town to see if she had something that would help. I told her what was wrong and she gave me a tonic of rosemary hibiscus twil's cap and wolfsbane and wild rose. she said if that don't work to give mama a box that had something else in it a note and another tonic.

Entry Thirty Seven
I think the tonic made mama sicker. she's real bad throwing it up everytime she tries to take some. Mama gave me her necklace said it would keep me safe. it caused little burns on her chest. mama took the last of the medicine at night but it's not helping so she took the other one. It made her real tired and she fell asleep. So I'm just here staring up at the big full moon thinking bout sally while she sleeps.

Entry Thirty Eight
Mama was still asleep when i woke up, I went down to check on her. The medicines diddn't help at all. She wont wake up now. I did what i could I wrapped her up real nice and made a nice cross. I buried her in her garden with all the pretty flowers she likes it im sure. Father where are you we needed you and you weren't here It's been two damn years. This is your damn fault. If you were her you would know what was wrong.

Entry Thirty Nine
Went to see uncle Crow and tell him what happened, he said i have to come and live with him the country is just not safe any more and that i would be better off in town. I told him I would be back in a couple of days, so i went home ang gathered up everything i could take spent one last night and then moved in with Crow. My bed is a pallet on the floor, i mean its warm and all but it's not home. at least i can spend more time with sally.

Entry Forty
Had breakfast with Sally and a traveling preacher, he spoke of the divine light and the symbol of mama's necklace. he gave me a small book of prayers and teachings of Sul. after helping sally with the morning dishes and running around town trading some gold coins for silver for Crow. I spent till supper reading.

Entry Forty One
The inn Keeper asked me and sally to fetch some things from one of the farms this morning. while out and about something spooked the young Colt and he nearly trampled me to death. If it weren't for sally pulling me out of the way of his hooves that might be all she wrote. My legs broken but not too much pain. I did like the little book said and i prayed to Sul for healing and my legs right as rain now. I garuntee ill be doing more rerading tonight.

Entry Forty Two
I woke before sunup today and met the travler out side said he was praying asked if we would join him (Me and Sally, Crow sleeps well till noon) We stayed with and listened and learned as the sun rose, Sally won't let me forget about yesterday she apparantly told all the staff and now everyone is calling me Colt.

Entry Forty Three
It's not the home I know but it's not a bad place to call home, Crow is being strange melting silvers down and dipping arrows and bolts in them. Says he found something out about mama but wont tell me what, Even he's calling me Colt now. After Mornin prayers and helping with some cleaning round the inn, And after crown errands he spent some time teaching me of the worlds faiths. Said it was a start to lessons.

Unicorn 3
Tracking some wolves, Damn Rain wont stop. Need to learn some tracking from saxton.
Unicorn 4
Damn were we in for a surprise, frickin were was leading the wolves. Formed a very organized attack on a carridge making it's way to town. A Daventree carridge. After a tough fight, young Daventree convinced the beast he was it's friend and we made post haste to Daventree estate. We met with Carla, to none a surprise she certanly lives up to the name.

Entry Early morning Unicorn 5
After a walk on the grounds of the daventree estate with Gabriel, we uncovered the remains of his mother. He seems to be afflicted by a mental condition, speaking to no one, or to something none of us can see. After returning to the estate gabriel had a fight with his aunt who had a heart attack in the middle of thier fight. causes appear natural even though Crow swears he never expected her to go out that way…

Unicorn 6
Jack needed help again, Things just seem to be getting worse around here, Crow is being insistant about me staying away from Gabriel. Apparantly Jack earned the ire of a bugbear and was targeted for thier special brand of torment. Started out just spooky open windows and doors but escalated fairly quickly. We (Me and Saxton and Gabriel and his crew) ended the bugbears threat. so all seems good Gabriel said the bugbear was a solo creature. Gabriel generally shocked me when he said if Jack need any help to seek him out at the Estate.

Unicorn 7 - 10
Worked on bug bear case ended bad lost jack and his entire familly. Sally lost an eye, haven't slept much since guess the bug bear was NOT working alone…

Unicorn 10 - 19
Don't feel much like writing Maybe will add a side note later as a recollection of anything that may be important.
Helped some elves that got caputered. They want us to help them investigate north of the Mansion.
Went to a city council meeting with Gabriel found out some interesting things.
Daventree - The Heir has seat on council
Annalee Dejoardin House Arbor - 2nd in power to Daventrees , These two have had issues in the past (See notes on Michael)
Tannis Curlan - Banker and City Financer his main concern is gold
Tomy Regecks - Supporter of Annalee, Brother Peter was killed in Combat with and outsider. Annalees Toady
Holloway Sisters - Veronica, Annabelle, Michaella - Have 1 vote among them very strange, Motivations appear unlogical at times but very intelligent.
Lenoc Enlonqueseto - Supports Annalee, Runs Trading company, Annalee one of top customers.
Arron Lightner - Rarely shows up to council meetings (Came to meeting that Gabriel attended) Sets up Schools and other public intrest. (Seems like the only really Good Guy on Council)
Marcus Steele - Bad blood between Arry and Garmin has boiled down through the generations, Dislikes House Arbor, Alliance with him would help stregthen position in Council.

Unicorn 20
Arrived back at the overlook around 11pm to meet with elves, Talked a little and went to bed. They ended up freaking out the night barkeep by sleeping in commonroom with eyes open. SN Weaver was killed head was opened like a melon and brains were missing

Unicorn 21
Began planning with elves and left to explore area north of mansion.

Unicorn 22
Discovered a small town called Mull where everyone "loved" the Daventrees. Northernmost village was called Tisel. Something happened there decades ago every one in villiage disappeared.No signs of a struggle. The common folk blame Dark Magics for swallowing up the town with an evil mist while the rangers believed it was a goblin raid. Marybeth Was Head of the Daventree Houshold at the time. Met and pissed off a merchant. Found some dark details about Crow (Rangers of Keep think him a traitor.) Simon Made a new puppet of the merchant. SN Weavers house was broken into and loom destroyed. Dead body of teamster found in ally not far from bar same MO

Unicorn 23
Went to the old woman in the forest hut. Her name is Ren. After a short discussion we left, Gabriel suffered an apparant heart attack Ash appeared visable to us. Assumption is he attacked Ren to stop her from harming Gabriel. Her last words were something like "No I didn't know it was Cytek's Idea" after ward discovered she tried to rip ash away from Gabriel to learn necromancy from him. Apparantly Rebecca (gabriels mother) was a healer who later with ash's direction tried to use the knowledge he possesed to revive her dead (to her) son Gabriel. This ended up corrupting her.

Unicorn 24
We entered an old wood elven sttlement of Lorwin to uncover relics for the elves that were travelling with us. After battling a Ghoul calling itself King Lazerus in a sacred grove. The elves unearthed 4 artifacts from the trees the fifth one they were not allowed to take for Gabriel saw there actions as hurting the Spirit. This was the key item so we were not paid.

Unicorn 25
We escorted elves back to Coral Reef unpleased with us then when to speak with Ryan Daventree to find out more of the family.
Mary Beth - Meanest of the Daventrees ruthless in getting what she wanted, She ruled over the council by pure fear

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