Locales of the Blacklands

Elyk A small village in the blasted highlands of the blacklands.

Heavenfall A floating city that crashed to the ground.

Sandflats desert with hard sand and poisoned lakes.

Broken Lands Area full of chasms crevasses and rocky barren area

The Fell Twisted fey filled forest.

Glass Forest a area of tall obsidian outcroppings each 10 or higher sharp and fragile

The Hives Huge earth mounds honeycombed with passageways

The Bone Grounds A place where creatures go to die. No one knows what draws them there, but they say you can find the remains of all kinds of creatures, even dragons ….that is if your brave or dumb enough to go there.

The Sinking City a city half submerged in a rotting marsh with tar pits. They say if you can hold your breath long enough there is treasure in some of the sunken buildings though most only find death.

The Great Lake a huge lake with acidic water. a mysterious island rests in the center but no one has been able to get to it. At night a choking mist rises from the lake attempting to bring any nearby to it's deadly depths.

The Black Pit Largest crevice in the Black Lands. No expedition has successfully pierced the darkness to see what lies beneath.

The Eternal Battleground One of the original and largest sources of fresh water. Fought over constantly, eventually poisoning the water. Still fought over to this day or is eternally haunted.

Droken Hall during the day a ruined castle half melted buildings and the like at night the destroyed pieces are rebuilt with an eerie green glass like substance and the hall is populated with …

The Divide area around droken hall badlands with deep fissures shifting earth and lava hazards. Magma mepphits roam freely in the central region is a burnout caldera where the only safe water is found in 30 miles.

Shattered Spires monolithic structures covered in obscure rak runes on a glass plane … eons ago was a stronghold for raksasha

Storm Cauldron A high region with a persisting localized storms. Landslides, flash floods, and other environmental dangers exist.

The Aerie A large cliff with spots that give way to great falls a lone tower persist at the cliffs edge once home of a powerful mage now how to once bound servents of air

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