The largest of the free cities, is under the jurisdiction of The Golden Gauntlet. This military group was once mercenaries who fought for The Fist of the South, the Queen of Lain’s previous General. During a battle to take the north for Lain over a hundred years ago, the Fist of the South employed the Golden Gauntlets to lay siege to the City of Bendan. The people of Bendan made a deal with the gauntlet. If the gauntlet turned on the Fist, they would open their city to the gauntlet, and give them rule. The gauntlet turned on the fist, and sent him and the rest of his army back to Lain. The queen at the time was so furious, she placed a bounty on every Golden Gauntlet and had the Fist drawn and quartered in the public square. Now Bendan is still under the control of the Gauntlet, and is as prosperous as can be expected.

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