Beers And Ales Of Nor

Samkin Allans Cherry Wheat Brew
A famous halfing draft named after it's supposed brewer

Dew Beer
Green tinted beer

Bitburg Lager
House special from the tavern in Bitburg located beyond the Ice Wall

Canning Ale
Sweet beer given to children during the holidays

Mcnally's Best
A light summer brew with citrus and pomegranate

Mcnally's Dark
A heavy ale that can double as a meal by itself

Red Tide
A salty ale bright as the red tide from which it gets its name

Moon Kiss
A pale light ale almost silver in color made by Elves

Earth Blood
A dwarvern ale with a heavy taste and a bitter smell stronger then most brews

Black Haven
A Rich nuty ale made with Hazel, Beech, and Ginger Served Exclusivly at Haven in Dagon's Hollow

A Orc brew the ingreadients include, blood of the ram and Turgston Mold

A nutty beer light tan in color

Seaval Lager
A heavy beer favored by sailors for how long it last

a last call beer because only those who have been drinking all night can stomach this swill

An apple brewed Ale made at Yule tide in some major cities.

Oak Stout
a very dark bitter ale brewed from mushrooms.

Drake Breath
a red cinnamon liquor that numbs the tongue.

Jagon Ale
A tasty stout that that is regarded as some of the best tasting Ale on Nor, but not many places carry it do to the dubious nature of where it comes from.

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