Barristan The Bard

Barristan is the greatest bard of our time, and some say the greatest to ever have lived. His name is spoken with the same awe as Severian and Sinat Bloodblade. He is a master of several instruments including the lute and harp, and his voice is perfect. His main talent is writing play however. His plays are performed all over Aranthar in every theater built. Some of his more famous are:

  • Three Moon Morning - About a a young boy who wakes up in the morning to find that there re three moon in the sky. Thinking he has made a great discovery, he tell everyone he knows about it, though none of them see the third moon. Those around him soon start to think he has a fever or other ailment, when he meet a paladin who does not give his name. This paladin is a reoccuring figure in many of barristan's plays, and often uses nicknames when people ask him who he is. He explains to the boy that he is the only one who sees the moon, because it is death come for him. Thus prepared the boy, faces death and goes willingly to his fate.
  • A fallen Tree - This is a story about a fallen log that is the home of a colony of tiny fey creatures. A traveling merchant tries to have his men move the tree our of his way, and then is suddenly transported inside to the dangerous world of the tree fey.
  • A restless night - A small town is plagued by the returning dead of thier kin. Each night the departed buried in the graveyard rise and roam through the night, slaying anyone they find. A paladin travels into town and discoveres that the tru culprit is the town priest using a powerful magic item.
  • Cometpass - a flaming comet is see in the sky above a normal village and soon the villagers start turning deadly to eachother for no reason. A traveling PAladin tries to help the town, but soon falls under the spell. Then the next morning the town is back to normal, as if nothing ever happened leaving only bodies as proof.
  • An unfortunate event - Some say this is Barristan's last play. A strange man enters town and preaches of a coming doom. The townfolk see this black coud on the horizon, and it represent humanity's degregation. As if makes its way toward town, devouring everyhting in its path, the townsfolk must come to terms with thier last day on Nor. With the help of a passing paladin, they each find peace before the end.

Barristan was born a slave in the southern empire of Synia. He escaped and manage to stow away on a boat comming to aranthar. He amused the crew enough that they did not throw him overboard once discovered. He learned Common from them and landed at a port in Emic, where he made his way telling humorous stories. Eventually he met up with a bard, thoguht none know who and learned bardcraft. Some say id was Casio come down to Nor just for him, other think it was a dragon in human guise. Either way Barristan was gifted with talent beyonf that of a mortal. He never settled, as he prefered the open road and spreading his tales and music to as many pople as he could. He still wonders today.

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