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Day 96: We continued down into the tunnels under the glassworks. These tunnels did not generally appear to have been reoccupied since the first time we'd come through them, and we made steady progress. It was still uncomfortable, remembering the various sinspawn we'd found in these caverns before, and we were glad that we had little trouble remembering the correct route through the caves to the doors of the Runewell. Apparently, the Apprentice left to guard the Well had not felt it necessary to recruit additional guards, and we encountered no further opposition.

Upon entering the chamber holding the runewell, we found Chandler the Apprentice standing over it, along with a couple of his fiendish bodyguards. We fought through the bodyguards without too much difficulty, and eventually created space for me to take Janus' staff to the Well and drop it in. It took a moment, as I'm not an expert in the complicated rules of Rune magic, but I was able to figure out the procedure needed to get the staff to discharge the power stored in the well while the rest of the group and my assistants Ben and Jennifer held off Chandler, who certainly appeared to be every bit as formidable a sorcerer as we had earlier feared.

After I completed the ritual, the chamber was flooded with the released energy. I grabbed whoever I could and teleported away from the explosion. When I returned, the room was empty. I was not certain what happened, as I had been focused on the rod when the explosion occurred. Savannah was eventually able to tell me enough about the incident that I was able to determine that they'd all been sent to the Positive Energy Plane. That didn't help much, as I had no means to bring them back from there. I spent a few minutes trying to work out how to go about that, wheen eventually the rest of the group appeared. Father Cain explained that he'd persuaded Chandler to bring them back; apparently, Chandler wanted some protection from the Chancellor after his failure to guard the Well.

More interestingly, he claimed that Karzog was simply a Praxite pawn, out only to allow his old overlord to return to Nor and retake their previous positions of control. In return for this information, we allowed him to leave. Hopefully, we will not see him again….

After returning to the surface, we sent word for the population of the town to return, and assisted them as the first ones made it back. We assured the mayor that we'd solved the problem of the Chancellor being interested in their town, and that things would therefore be able to return to normal.

The following day, we returned to the old glassworks. For the first time, I felt sufficient confidence in my abilities to try binding a more substantial demon than Frick and Frack. The rest of the party came along; apparently they've grown to appreciate the power and utility of the extraplanar allies I supply them with. After casting the spell, I managed to entrap a glabrezu as planned. I was not expecting it to have a monocle and manners to rival the finest nobles in Magnamar, but Lord Frederick was certainly the model of poise and self-control. I managed to persuade him to assist us on our mission against Karzog by offering him the Chancellor's soul as compensation. Some of the others were less than happy about that, but it is a suitable fate for Karzog and it prevents us from having to offer something more valuable. Eventually, I was able to persuade Frederick to support us, and we headed off to the portal with the crystal we'd taken from Chandler.

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