Ash's Story

Unicorn 4, 756
Gabriel, I have spent some time trying to learn more about who I am and more about our relationship. There is something about being passed on to a new heir that changes me. I have gone through this process so many times before, it is all familiar to me, but yet I can not see how to proceed. Here is what I know.

  • I have served your Family for many generations. I believe I am passed along to each new heir. I do not know what ties me to the person, but I am always there for the Heir. I am at you command.
  • I have no real body, but I that is not quite right. I should not be in this state. I do not know what has happened to me to put me in it, but it is wrong. I should be whole and free.
  • There is something very important your family must do, and I must somehow guide you. I believe the task was set to me by a member of your family in ancient times. I don't know. I know it is very important, and there is only so much time to do it.
  • the number 13 is very important to the task and to me, but I do not know why. I know that your family has been working on this for a very long time, but somehow, time is running short. After all these years, the time is running out now. I don't know why, but I know it is true.

My memories get stronger as I come into contact with something that was important to one of the heirs. When you found Rebecca's Body, I was flooded with memories, they almost overwhelmed me. Her ring has also allowed me to remember much of my time with her. I will tell you what I know of you mother.


Rebecca was truly a free spirit. Her brother was the Heir to the Daventree legacy. She had no need to spend her time learning about the family. Her gift was also very powerful. Like most of the Daventree heirs, she could speak with the spirits of the dead. She could call them, and control them. She was a true witch in the sense of the word, but she did not start out that way. Before her brother died, she turned to druidic arts. She studied under the old god. A shrine to Firiel, Goddess of the trees and forests sat in her bedroom. She spent time in the shrouded forest, speaking with all manner of strange creatures there. She had a connection to them. She denied herself the power of the Daventrees, and instead embraced another power.
She hated the rules of the family, more so after her brother died. They were not for her, and she rebelled. Going to the city at night. Meeting lover by moonlight, flaunting her freedom. Her aunt was fit to be tied. She tried reason, playing to Rebecca's sense of loyalty. Telling her that she embarrassed the family, and hurt their reputation. It didn't work, Rebecca's had no love for the Daventree reputation. She tried bribery, but rebecca had little need for money of material things. She gave most of it away. She would leave in the morning some days wearing a fabulous dress, costing dozens of Gold, and would come home wearing some peasant shift, that she traded for the dress. Carla even tried to threaten her. She threatened to have her kicked from the family home. Denounced, and disinherited. Micheal stopped that though. He forbid Carla to take that step. I don't yet know if that was for love of his sister or the fact he felt he could use her.
You see, Rebecca was loved by the common folk. While the nobles gossiped and spoke of her badly, the commoner saw her as a kind gentle soul. Generous to a fault. They lived in awe of her, or her name, her carefree ways and of her power. Even before I came to her, rebecca had learned the way of power. Not the same kind we wield. She knew herbs and potions, and had incredible healing skill. She spoke of a teacher, with one arm, who showed her how to cure with just what nature provided. She spoke of spirits of the wood who she could call for ancient recipes to draughts. She used this skill to help the common people. To cure their ills, to help their crops. She also had some skill in foretelling the future. Her predictions were not always on the mark, but at times, she would get this look about her and you knew, that her word would prove true.
I know I spoke to Michael of her many times, but my time with Micheal is a cloud. On his death, I remember coming to Rebecca. She tried to turn me away. I understand. I was a reminder of the Daventree legacy. The power over death, not life as she worked so hard to cultivate. I also represented the rules of the family. The Family Law. The ending of freedom. It was not my fault, but the crofters of the legacy. They made the rules of inheritance, I simply go where I must.
I pleaded with her to hear me, to speak with me. I knew then, she might be the one to help. She might be the one to complete our task. Her power was incredible, if untamed. Unused. Ironically it was Carla who pushed her toward me. She may have been making life for rebecca difficult. Years earlier Carla used the Daventree fortune to discredit rebecca, things changed. She was no longer welcome in the city. No longer courted by young men, who feared the vengeance of her powerful Aunt. Her brother at the time paid no heed to her.
The Day after her brother died, a traveling bard came through the city. Fair hair, dark eyes, a enchanting voice. He somehow found Rebecca in her garden. I do not know why he was there, or how he got there. I distrusted him immediately. I warned rebecca not to go near him, but she was still denying me. I attempted to drive him off myself, but I was new to her and my power was weak. He also had power. No mere simple minstrel was he but a true bard, with magic in his voice and hands. I was no match for him. He made your mother smile, and I knew it was lost. When your aunt found out she was furious. She imprisoned Rebbecca for her whole term. Then, when her child was born, Carla took him. She said you had died in childbirth. We believed her. I was limited in my power, and could not know things far from Rebecca. I believed her. Rebecca was crushed.
The bard disappeared, I'm sure at the request of Daventree gold. Rebecca turned from the world. Eventually she did the last thing Carla wanted her to do. She called to me. I remember THAT night clearly. She had cried so much, she had no tears left. She called my name, and I went to her. I consoled her as a good companion would do. I would do nothing else, she was my Daventree and I loved her. At the hour of midnight, she asked me. "Can you teach me to reach the spirit of my son? I wish to say good bye." I tried to explain that he was too young, and his spirit would have departed, but she was insistent. Again I saw the potential in her, the potential to be the one who could complete the task. I also saw her pain and her need to try, and so I taught her.
She was so slow to learn, unlike most of you family are. She had spent so much time denying the ability it took so much work for her to embrace it. After many years of trying, she could call even powerful spirit to her, but never the one she was looking for. We thought it was because you had been so young. Never did we think you had survived. You aunt could feel rebecca getting more powerful. She knew the time would come that rebecca would challenge her. They argued often towards the end. Carla claiming that what she learned went against everything the One believes in. Then came that night. We heard the howls of the wolves. The moon was full, and the power of the were was at its strongest. Rebecca had had some wine, and was acting funny. I knew what it was, but there was something about the wine that made it difficult for her to heed me. She started calling you. Out of the blue. She called you by you name, the first time I heard it. I do not know how she learned it. She had never given you one, but she knew. She went outside looking for you in the orchard. It was so strange. I pleaded her to go back to the house, but it was already too late. Carla had locked the door as soon as she left.
I tried to stop them, but Rebecca's faith in me was not strong. I was not very powerful. I remember I called a storm, weather is always easy for me. I threw wind and rain at them, but they did not relent. It was as if they were drawn to her. As she lay there dying, I tried to get help. I screamed but no one could hear me. Only my dying Daventree. I had just time to give her a final kiss on her forehead, before I found myself standing in your room.

Everything flew from me, my memories, my strength, my sense of self. Even now, I know that I am missing so much. It is like there is am empty part of me. I hope you can help me Gabriel. I know you didn't know her, but she needs you as well. There is a greater purpose to our family. and time is running out.

Unicorn 17, 756


The time we have spent in the manor house has filled in many memories about Micheal. He was as different from his Twin sister as night is from day. Micheal was not as smart as most Daventree, nor as magically powerful. In the daventree line there have been several who the power of the line seems to kip over. Katherine, Cortland, and Micheal all had to get by with little of the famed Daventree Power. Unlike Rebecca, who was raised in the mansion surrounded by the wilderness, Michael was raised in the city, in the manor house with his mother Mary Beth. His mother was active in politics and worked to make make the family more prestigious. She gave Micheal lessons about finance, court, and politics, but he cared little for them. He preferred to spend his day learning martial pursuits. He loved the sword and bow. He studied with some of the best swordsman in the north, and by the age of 15 he had earned a rank of expert in the Art. His mother indulged him. She felt in order to get anything in life you had to take it. Her one frustration was his lack of interest in Magic. His studies started with teacher that were hired by his mother to teach him the basics. They often met in failure. Eventually Mary Beth took to teaching him herself. When he failed to grasp simple concepts she often punished him physically. I was often involved with the punishment. Finally, Mary Beth gave up. She knew that he would never be a strong witch no matter how hard she pushed him. He would also never be the leader she was. He was cunning enough, that could be seen by his prowess in battle… But he would be torn apart by the other nobles in the city. As Rebecca had none of the training nor want to be involved, she turned to her sister. She bade Carla to act as Micheal's Proxy, if anything happened to her.

Free of his responsibilities, Michael did what he was best at. Living life. He took pleasure in his martial skill. He also took pleasure in control. Controlling others was a pastime of his, either by intimidation or force. He had become an expert fighter, and would duel for the slightest affront to his honor. He was feared by many. People would look away or try not to draw his attention for fear of being challenged, and killed. He also has a passion for beautiful women, especially those of high birth. He would seduce them and use them, then leave them once he had conquered. When they resisted, he would sometimes take them by force. Many a father or brother fell to his sword, because he had done wrong to their daughter/sister. Michael loved killing the "White Knights" as he called them. If fact, he named himself the Black Prince of the Daventreee's as he saw himself as their natural enemy. Micheal delighted is choosing a women randomly, finding out she had a suitor, or protective relative, then finding a way to draw the person into battle. He would then bully the woman into submitting to him, to avoid a similar fate for others.

Michael's undoing was his pride and fear. While growing up he was a fan of Sax ton Hale, the pugilist. He watched all of his fight, and the skill with which he beat his opponents. Hale was a fighter of fame, unmatched. But as he got older, Michael saw him starting to slow. He saw his decision start to change, and become less effective. He saw the effect of age on the fighter. He looked to his own life, and realized that one day he too would age, and when his martial skill left him, what would he have, save a lot of enemies. There was hope however. His mother had two men that served her as guard and servants, if they could be called men. They were Vampires. His mother's magic had made them completely obedient to her will. What intrigued him though was that these two men, did not age. They had been with her since he was a child, and they were still as strong and powerful as ever. He spent much of him learning about this. He learned how they were made, how they lived, how they hunted. He learned that not all were like his mother's servants. There were more powerful ones that would not bend to Any's will.

From then Micheal set himself on a quest. To become undead, and never age, nor grow weak and slow. He searched for the secret of becoming a vampire. and was shocked when he found that Coral Reef harbored one of the most powerful Vampires alive. It was a well known secret that Analee Des Jardin, was a vampire, and powerful enough that she could almost openly display her power without fear. Michael cursed himself for being such a fool and not seeing it. He approached her and Analee saw an advantage right away. She saw a way to gain control over the Daventree Family. She never told Michael, that the maker of a Vampire would have complete control of the fledgling forever. Of course, by this time Mary Beth was death and I was Michael ally and had already explained this to him. It was then we came up with a way to accomplish his goals without putting his freedom at risk. It required a complex ritual, that Michael had trouble performing, but with my help we had all in readiness. A week before the change, Michael went insane. He was driven.. As if he had been possessed. He sought after women, and used them. When he found them unsuitable (Though for what I do not know) he killed them. While it was done in secrecy, there were those in power who knew he was responsible. The Daventree reputation and his skill in combat prevented any repercussions. 14 women died to sate his strange hunger, and then as quick as is started it was over, and he was back to his plan.

We stole into Annalee's home, a task more dangerous than you can imagine. There while she lay in the deepest sleep during daylight hours, we drained her of blood. Then using the ritual I had taught him, he cleansed it of her influence, and used it to become a vampire. The more powerful the blood the more powerful the progeny, and Analee was as powerful as they come. On top of that the blood reacted with the Daventree power, and Michael a power to behold. It took him time to learn the limit of his new body. His new power. Analee survived, though was greatly weakened. By the time she came after him, she could not touch him. He had grown too powerful.

What a surprise it is that his death then came at the hands of a group of adventurers. Though this group was truly not his equal in power, together they brought him down in that very manor house. Some say they were sent by Analee, other say it was the Daventree curse, but in truth it was simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unicorn 29, 756


It has taken me a while to gather my thought about Marybeth. There was so much to her life, that it is hard to truly show her. She was a woman of many facets. I think the best way to go about this it to follow the story from the beginning. Now like all the other Daventree’s I have been a part of, I did not come to her until she was almost grown, and infact I spent much of her childhood away with Isolde. However, when I did join with her, I was able tog rasp insights into her past. Please be aware that her early history wil be from her point of view.

Marybeth’s childhood was one of luxury and purpose. Isolde was young when Marybeth was born. Just 15. She had no interest in raising a child, nor any skill in it. She immediately allowed the child to be raised by her father Claudius. In fact Marybeth had almost no contact with her mother for most of her entire life. As an infant, Claudius doting on her and any grandfather would. He got her the best nurses and nannies. She was always dressed in the finest clothes. One thing was also very apparent about her, from the time of her birth. Marybeth was gifted. She looked at he world with inquisitive eyes. She seemed t grasp things much quicker than a child her age would. And, she could see spirits. Even at her young age, she saw them as easily as her grandfather, and was not frightened of them. In fact, it could be said that even as an infant she commanded them to amuse her.

Claudius recognized het talent early on and made himself resoponsible for her education. She had no tutor like other Daventrees. Her grandfather taught her all she needed. At eh age of four and five, she was skilled in mathematics, poetry, science, and magic, unlike any others of her age. While other children played with dolls, Marybeth summoned spirits. Claudiu also gave her the best in life. He took her to many places, to see sights that a child of lesser meand would jave no chance to see. They traveled the world as part of her education. She learned about other cultures, people, languages, and other magics.. She learned shamanism, spirit magic, elemental magic, and even blood magic, all before she was old enough to enter any academy.

Claudius also treated her as an adult most times. He never spoke to her as a father would to a child, but instead gave her the respect that he would give any other grown adult. This bothered many in the family, as she never had the opportunity to be a child. To play with children of her own age. But none could do anything about it. Isolde had made her will clear. Cladius was the child’s guardian, Also, Marybeth was quite content.

Marybeth was as gifted as person could be. She soaked up learning like a sponge, and retained almost everything she seen, heard of read. As she traveled with her grandfather, and helped him manage his lands, there was one large different between them that stood out. Claudius cared for people, it could be seen when he visited the people of the field or farms. He knew them, and they knew him. While he was quick and unforgiving when it came to justice, he was fair and always tempered his decisions based of the circumstances. Marybeth was the opposite. She learned how to administer justice, but had no interest in the people behind the judgments. She saw them as a necessary part of staying wealthy, but when they addressed her, it was an interruption of her learning, not an opportunity to connect with others. Try as he might, Claudius could not teach her compassion, or camaraderie. She had a coldness about her, that only receded in regard to Claudius. Even when it came to other member of the family, she had no interest in being a part of them. I believe that it was because of her vest intelligence that she was this way. She knew that compared to most people, she was on a level so much higher than them in thought. Only Claudius came close to her, and so it was only he she respected.

Maryneth’s life changed when she too was 15. Claudius’ training not only taught her magic, business and art, he also taught her about the Daventree legacy. Marybeth, knowing the line had to be strong, found a suitable person, with strong magical talents, and got herself with child. While this was quite a scandal for the family, after all, Her mother had also been pregnant at that age, as also of a father who was not a part of her life. Claudius however was accepting and prepared the way for the child. Things changed when Isolde returned. She had found out about her daughter, and confronted Claudius on it. She was angry, for she had trusted her daughter to his care, and he had failed in her eyes. There was an argument, and Marybeth entered just in time to see Claudius fall by her mothers sword. Something in Marybeth broke then. Claudius had been the only person in the world who she respected, considered her equal. They only person she truly cared for, and his death was like a door closing on her humanity. She fled the house for a time.

Isolde died not long after, and I was sent to Marybeth. She had already known I was coming. Claudius had prepared her, and she accepted me and bound me even tighter to her will. Marybeth was the one Daventree I have gone too, who I retained all my knowledge with the passing. She was well trained, but there was still much I could teach her, and I did. I also hurt for her, because she truly had no connection to her humanity. She was as distant as a spirit, and the only thing that kept her going was her intellect.

You know much of the rest. She took her place on the council, moved to the city. She rules the city and brought much wealth and prestige to the family. She was as capable as her mentor. She tried to teach her son, but as I have explained he had no interest in the Legacy, or magic.

Marybeth’s second obsession, after the legacy was necromancy. She stopped the study of other magic completely and devoted herself to the art. She experimented of people, living and dead. She called spirits, unlike any I had seen before. It was a surprise to find that her skills far outshone that of Claudius, of who I thought had no equal. Her reputation as an evil necromancer grew, and many times some adventure of group had come to demand justice for one other victims. She bested them all. The knowledge that Claudius had made she she learned, allowed her to defend herself against any magical attack, and she had no fear of the physical. Her undead gaurdians, could not be stopped by swords of weapons. She was almost unbeatable.

Marybeth had a brother, though in truth he was her uncle. Claudius had another child, just weeks before Marybeth was born. Because they were so close in age, and Claudius treated Marybeth as a daughter rather than a granddaughter, they thought of each other as brother and sister. While Cortland was still loved and taken care of by his father, he was a different type of child. He was fostered by his aunt, and lived with Carl, and Ryan And Carla. This left Claudius to look in on his son, but concentrate his time on Marybeth. Cortland went south to learn music at a young age. My memory of him is still fragmented, but I believe he had heard about the doings of his sister and returned to confront her. That meeting was the end of them both. He managed to kill her with a fatal blow of his dagger, but not before she had hit him with a curse that left him dead within days. The meeting was so full of energy, I can not remember the conversation, but I do remember that it had to do with the family history.

Spider 24, 753


Kathryn… There is so much to say about her. Kathryn was the most alive of all the Daventrees. She was also the most haunted. I will tell you about her childhood when I knew her best. Then I will allow Sir Peytr's Journals to tell more of her, for he saw into her heart like no one had. Then I will tell you of her last days.

Kathryn and Claudius were born together. They were early, and left their mother almost entwined, rather then one before the other. Claudius was the first to cry though, and therefore was older. The midwife gave them just a few days to live, but somehow they pulled through. First Claudius got stronger, and then his sister. Kathryn was unusual for a Daventree. She had blond Hair and bright blue eyes, a contrast to the bark hair of both parents and her brother. Also she was the only one of the family that did not have the tell tale Daventree eyes. Their Mother, Irelda had grown quite self absorbed by the time they were born and wanted nothing to do with either. Ari had to take care of them both. He found a wet nurse to feed them, and loved them with all his heart. He often had to take them with him, for fear Irelda would slip into one of her moods and try to do violence to them. Because of that they grew up very close. Ari tried to spend as much time with them as he could, but business often took him away from them during the day and he was glad they had each other for company.

As they got older, they did everything together. Claudius was very stoic and stuffy, but Kathryn could pull him out of his shell. She would drag him to walk the streets of the cities they were staying in, visiting the shop keepers, trying the local food. She was always looking for something interesting to do, and her brother always obliged her. Kathryn even dyed her hair dark and dressed in men's clothes at times. When doing so she looked so much like her brother, she could pass for him. As they got older there was one big difference in the two. Claudius came into great power. Kathryn had none. One day at one of the academys that they often would spend time at while Ari made his business deals, a young man had decided to set his eye on Kathryn, thinking she was a boy. He spoke with her in private, and bared his secret love, only to discover she was a girl. So angry that his secret may get out, her struck her and was about to beat her, when the wind picked up and he was suddenly being beaten by invisible hands and feet. He was almost killed. As i was, he could never speak, nor walk again for the rest of his life. No one knew what happened as the only people there were the young man, Kathryn who could not have caused such injury, and Claudius, who had entered the room, but had not moved form the doorway.

As they got older, Claudius's attention turned more towards less playful activities, and Kathryn also eased her dilettante nature to match. That is when Sir Petyr arrived. He came under the guise of a tutor from Emic, who wanted to evaluate the two for scholarships (degrees). Ari was thrilled and bid the paladin enter, bu Claudius disliked him from the start. Kathryn also could not be fooled. Here I will speak from Sir Petyr's Journal.

I arrived two days ago. I can feel the presence already pushing me out, but the One protects me well. It is not from the residents, but rather the house and atmosphere itself. I found that Irelda is no more. She passed more than three years ago. I hear that with elation and regret. Elation that she can no longer influence the children, and regret about what her life had become after I saw her last. The father Ari, lies in bed. He has grown old and spends most of his days asleep. I feel the weight of death upon him close. From what I have heard and seen he has lived an admirable life. He has tempered the power of his wife and done the best he can with her children. I can see her influence though. Especially in the son. He is cold and calculating, most of the time. There is an aura about him. He looks at me sometimes as if he is contemplating how best o dispose of me. He only seems livid when his sister is nearby. She is a gangly thing, more boyish than woman. She seems to have a strong effect on her brother though. When she is around, he seems less the brooding loner, than the normal young man.

Tonight the sister visited me. It was a very strange situation. she entered my room. She was dressed quite plainly, but it is obvious she is a young women, not the girl I saw earlier. I will try to write down our conversation as I remember it.
Sister: Are you here to kill my brother?
Me: What do you mean. I am a paladin of Twilight Hall and wound never harm an innocent.
sister: huh, Too bad there are no innocents here. You would never get to him. Clau is well protected. You would be dead before you got close. I can handle Clau.
Me: You can? Have you had to?
Sister: All the time. He has a terrible temper. Even when he was a kid, he would get angry, and I would have to tell him a joke, or ask him to play to keep him calm. I would hate to have you killed. You should probably leave.
Then she left my room.

Ari Daventree died last night. His family was with him at the end. I was there as well. He looked at me, and though he spoke no words, I heard him clearly. "Leave, there is no protection for you now". it was unusual, but I trust in the judgement of the One. I was led here and I have a mission. i left the room to give them privacy. I went to the garden to think, and offer a prayer. A few moments later I saw the sister. She was crying. It was the first time I have seen her sad. I sat beside her for a moment, to offer some words of comfort. The One watches good men like Ari. Before I could say the words she started speaking. Babbling is more accurate. At first at least. she spoke about her mother and her father. As her thoughts cleared though she turned to her brother. Kathryn felt like she was the keeper of ..what could be called his morality. As if she was keeping something dark from him. She also spoke about how he was in charge and that would make him happy. I got the impression that she didn't mean make her brother happy. like there was another him. I assumed it was her grief. we spoke late into the night. as I left I saw the son watching us. When I returned to my room, all the mirrors and glass in the room was broken. I hadn't expected it of the brother. It seemed petty. But there was no one else at the house save Kathryn. She looked sad, but beautiful.

The boy has stopped taking instruction from me. He has not asked me to leave but has told me many times I have no more duty here. I think often about leaving, but I worry for Kathryn. She is so different from my wife, so full of life, but she holds it back. It takes almost all her energy to keep her brother polite. She warms me often now, telling me how strong he is. I have assured her I walk with the One, and am protected. She laid her hand upon mine as she left the garden today. I could feel the inner light. I wonder if the One has guided her to me for help, or if I am just forgetting my age. It has been almost a year since I have been with my wife and family. Sometimes the way Kathryn looks at me…

I underestimated the young man. He is powerful, and commands spirits. Spirits even the power of the One, can not banish. Not when he is nere. I should not have confronted him, but I had no idea what he truly was. I have escaped for now, but I fear if I stay, he will kill me. A storm rages outside, and travel will be difficult. I went to Kathryn, asked her to come with me. She would not. She says she is needed here. She says he will follow if she leaves, and the One help me, I could do nothing to protect her. My heart aches. My family has been without me for too long. I know it best if I leave here and report to the hall. But something holds me back. I will go to the city for now.

I write with confusion. For almost one year I had not seen my Kathryn. I have kept track of her and her brother from the city. It is not hard, they are the talk of the place most days. No one had seen her though for months, and I began to fear. I should have gone home many times but something holds me here. I can't explain it. Then she arrived today. She has nothing but the clothes on her back. "I am free, he has let me go. His daughter takes his time now. He bid me leave and find you. We can leave like we spoke about. Go someplace far, away from him, and from all of it." I held her close. My family. I do not know what to do but I know I can not leave her.

I have not picked up this journal for 15 years. I Tried to forget my previous life as a paladin of Twilight Hall. Tonight though I have donned my armor. I will die a warrior of the One. When I finish writing this, I will travel to Daventree Manor and destroy the evil there. Just two days ago, I saw what has become of that place. It can not endure. The coach waits now for me. Though I may die, I will take that abomination with me. Kathryn has stayed in touch with her brother, but their relationship had been strained. It was a surprise to find an invitation for the both of us. Kathryn will not refuse and I could not let her go alone. We left the children with the nanny, and made our way by coach to the manner house. I can not explain all I saw there, but I recognized the stain of evil. We sat for dinner, and Claudius was very cordial. Isolde sat at the table, when .. it.. came in. It moved like an automation. Clumsy, awkward as if it was just learning to use its own body. Claudius spoke to Kathryn.. "It wont hold. If rejects him.. There is not enough power, even with Isolde helping. I need you Kathryn. We need you. " Kathryn looked aghast at the man. I recognized it for what it was, some type of Zombie, and drew steel. I was thrown back by a sudden wind. "Draw steel in my presence again, and you will die horribly" Claudius said to me, his voice cold. Kathryn tried to touch his arm and he pulled away. "We need more power.. You must help.. " He looked at me making his intention clear. Kathryn moved to me. "Go, I will return home in a couple of days" I protested, but she led me to the coach. I could not refuse her.

Now that I am here I see what a mistake it was for me to have let him grow so powerful. I must do something. Though it may go against Kathryn's wishes. I have abandoned my duty too long.

That as the last of Peytr's Journals. His coach broke from its mounts, and crashed into a tree. He did not survive. There was a powerful storm that night. Kathryn lost something that night. She became a recluse. She never left her room. A few months short of a year later, she left the manor and went to the city. She stood by the overlook tavern, and threw herself from the cliff. She was holding a ripped tabard. Her and Petyr's children were raised by her nanny with financial assistance from Claudius. He did not spend much time with them, as his second child, Cortland was born just a few days earlier, and Claudius had much to do.

I did not really know Isolde. I knew her when she was young, but she died shortly after Claudius’s death. I did see her in Chi-Cshûra several times though, and from our recent findings I have able to piece together some of her history.
Isolde was born to Claudius when he was 16. He was already master of the Daventree legacy. His sister left the day Isolde was born, and Claudius instead turned all the attention he had given to his sister to his new born Daughter. As she grew, he provided all she could ever hope for. The best dresses, the finest food, books, tutors, anything she could every want. The staff of the house treated her like a princess, calling her “little madam” until she grew old enough to tell them to stop. For all that she was provided, she was not happy. She was wealthy, beautiful, and intelligent, but she was missing one thing. She had none of the Daventree magic. Claudius treated her with love, but she knew she disappointed him. She could see it every time he looked at her. He was looking for that spark, that would show she had power. Unfortunately if never came. Claudius did not look to place blame. Instead he devoted his time to experimentation. He thought he could find a way to unlocked her hidden potential. He did not use Isolde as a subject, but instead tried his experiments’ on the villagers that worked his land. Finally he had given up on his efforts. He decided that the power may skip generations completely, and pushed Isolde unto having a child, one who might inherit the Daventree power. Isolde gave in, and became pregnant when she was just 15 years old. Her daughter Marybeth fulfilled all of Claudius expectations. She took her mother place in Claudius life.
Isolde hated her father after that. She felt abandoned, as if her only purpose was to provide a Daventree heir. She ran from the house, just days after Marybeth was born, and stowed away on a ship leaving that night. The ship was bound for Chi-Cshûra. She was found by the first mate, who recognized her, and instantly gave orders for the crew to return to port, but the captain instead asked her why she was running. “My Father is a bastard” she replied, and the captain ordered the crew to continue. It turned out he held no love for the Daventrees and thought this small act was a way of getting revenge. While aboard the ship Isolde learned a few things she had not been taught in the Daventree household. She learned to drink, gamble, and use a cutlass.
When the ship ported in Chi-Cshûra, the captain made arrangement to sell her, claiming that she was a thief and therefore could be kept by the southerners as an indentured servant, serving is what ever capacity they wished. Her looks made her very desirable, and the captain received a good price. He told Isolde that she would be taken care of, but as soon as her new master led her away, she pulled away from his hold. Not understanding this, she was surprised when he struck her, knocking her to the ground. The ship captain found this humorous, and turned to leave, when Isolde realized what was going on. She ran to him, and pulled the saber from his belt, stabbing him in the stomach. As he fell, the men around her drew sword. She faced them cutlass in hand. She didn’t know it at the time, but in chi-Cshûra, she had just declared herself a warrior, and she was subject to all the rules that they lived by. Her purchaser chose one of his better student to face her. The battle was quick. Isolde, was clumsy, undisciplined, and had no real experience or training with a sword, but she did possess a natural talent, and her opponent underestimated her. She killed him in a few strokes.
Watching the spectacle was a man named Li-chu. He was a Gai-Dan of the Akodo family and instantly intrigued. He had never seen a woman like Isolde before. Her form was so different from the women of Chi-Cshûra. She was large than them, heavier, developed in places that would make most Chi-Cshûran women appalled. What impressed him most was her spirit. Most women of his land spent their lives learning how to serve. Here was one who wished anything but. He invited her to come with him and paid triple what her original master had. Once he found someone who spoke the northern language, he explained he wished to train her as a warrior. He did not know if it was even possible. There were certainly women warriors in Chi-Cshûra but they usually relied on subterfuge, and quickness. He believed that Isolde could learn the true art of the sword. She agreed.
Over the few years, Isolde trained and became an accomplished Swordwoman. She was skilled enough that Li-Chu Named her Samurai, and have a Katana made for her. She would never be one of the greatest, but she had done far more than any of them expected. She eventually fell in love with a craftsman, and they had a daughter. Even with her acceptance though there were still some who held hatred for all foreigners. One night while she was returning from an evening walk, she was attacked by several men. Before she could draw her blade, lightning flashed from the sky, and killed one assailant. The other was thrust by a strong wind that appeared and impaled upon a nearby tree branch. The rest of the men ran, but the damage had been done. She was labeled a Wu-Kar, or witch and imprisoned. She had no idea where the lightning or storm came from. Her husband was executed and her daughter was to be too, but she disappeared. A member of a rival clan had been in town on that day, and heard what had happened. He was it as an injustice, and arranged to have her broken out of prison. It was successful and she was reunited with her daughter and sent to the Island on the Wu-Kar. There she learned there was a part of Chi-Cshûra that was not talked about. A part they hid away. She also met me. Claudius asked me to go to her, and try to convince her to return. She would not though no matter how much I tried to convince her. I told her secrets about the people around her. I told her what I could find about the hidden history of the Chi-Cshûrans. I also gave her e piece of information that would change the land forever. She learned that the leader of the land, had a son, who was born with magic. He kept it hidden, so he too, would not be imprisoned. With the help of the same clan that broke her out of prison, she entered the palace and kidnapped the Lords son. I covered their deeds with fog and wind. When the great lord found out what happened he sent his fleet of ships to the island to bring his son back. I destroyed them all on the sea. Isolde agreed to return his son only after he had learned his full potential. Not only that, but when he was returned the lord must also welcome other from the island and to accept them. The lord agreed that magic was no longer outlawed, but that the Wu-Kar would not have a place in the social structure. That although they would be allowed to live there and conduct business, they would have to make their way outside of the bounds of honor on their own.
If was shortly after that, I told Isolde of Marybeth being with Child. I thought it would bring her joy, but instead it made her angry. Perhaps it was because Marybeth was just a child herself. The same age Isolde was when she bore Marybeth. She said her goodbyes and took a ship for Coral Reef. I do not think she intended to stay away, but she did recognize the danger, and she left her Katana here for her daughter.
She arrived at Daventree Manor, and immediately confronted Cladius. She accused him of forcing Marybeth to have a child, as he did her, and in a rage stabbed Claudius. He had no time to defend himself. It was to her horror, that she found Marybeth was not an unwilling mother as she had been, but had in fact planned the conception herself. She stepped over the body of Claudius as it was still bleeding, and warmly embraced her mother. Isolde dropped her sword to the ground, and Marybeth gave me her first command. “Ash, kill my mother.”

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