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Capitol: Veerchi
Notable Settlements: Veerchi, Coral Reef, Crisania, Ravenstadt
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Ruler: Victor Baron
Government: Kingdom
Language: Arnish
Religions: The Old Gods

Arnonia is an ancient land that predates most history. It lies west of Emic, and North of Amador. It runs north into the icelands, and west to the Grave Lands. It is mostly forest and hills. Arnonia is mostly Temperate, with the norther parts getting cold year round.

Arnonia is called a Kingdom, but there is no King, the ruler's title Duke. There are several counties each ruled by a count. Villages and towns are usually lead by Burgermeisters.

Arnonia has a reputation of of being a dark place, where even the the Duke is ruled by some unseen dark power. Most of it's inhabitants are isolationist who do not know much of the world outside of their County. Each County has a culture of it's own and can be very different from its neighbors. Arnonia's closeness to the Gravelands makes the people very aware of the undead threat. The negative energy seeps from there and can even invade some of the places on the border.

History: Arnonia is is as old as Incara dating back to before the the rule of the Runic Overlords. It is mostly unchanging. It has little to do with the outside work, and even internally the people are more concerned with their everyday lives rather than the history and politics of their nation. While counts have come and gone, the land has always been ruled by the Barons. Of course each county, and even each village has it's own history, but the deeds are localized.
People: The people of Arnonia are born, live and die in the same region for the most part. They are ruddy skinned, and stocky, and human. They dress in rather drab clothing, usually dark wools, and are a stoic people, not often taken to fits of mirth or celebration.
Other races are especially rare in Arnonia. Travelers are also rare and even Merchants don't travel far from home. Its people are superstitious and weary of travelers. Their legends are filled with evil things that wear fine faces, and many know of people who have gone lost, or seen things that chill them, not to believe. The tend not to speak to strangers, and do their best to avoid the notice of anyone.

Notable Places:
Relation with Other Countries Arnonia does not seem relations with other places, and really has no real ties. It greatest connection is to Armador. When the great Necromancer Curestrim tries to take over the regions, he was stopped by a group of adventurers and imprisoned in a high tower, on the southern border of Armenia. While there has been no signs of that prison breaking, the Order sees it as their duty to be vigilant, and they guard the place constantly. They do not trust the Arnonians as he was one of them.

GAME NOTE: Arnonia is Nor's version of Gothic Horror settings reminiscent of Ravenloft.

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