Aranthar is the name of two large continents that are central to most campaigns in Nor. They were once a single continent, but a great geological event split them and create an ocean between them. They are named for the King that ruled the entire continent hundreds of years ago before the split. Over the years the kingdom has been broken up in to many countries, some long gone and some still here. Each country has it's own Govt, culture, and types of people.

  • Western Aranthar
      • Emic - A republic, that once contained several states in the north of Western Aranthar. Now many have ceded.
      • Syr - A very small but powerful Oligarchy in the southeast of Western Aranthar. A main port with a large navy. Once under the rule of the great merchant houses, it is now ruled by a prefect assigned by the vemoraxx.
      • Amadar - A stratocracy under the rulership of the Order of Illumination. It is west of Syr and is the western most country in Western Aranthar. The Order are self-proclaimed champions of light and good.
      • Arnonia - A Empire north of armodar and South of Emic. Ruled by a imperial line which dates back before the Split.
      • Gravelands - The region West of Armador and Arnonia. A great horde of undead roam this region, and it is said that powerful undead rule it.
      • Zaravar - East of Emic, this is a land split between the nobles and the commoners who are little more than slaves. It's capital is a city built into high cliffs that is said to be impregnable.
  • Eastern Aranthar
      • Eroth - Covering the north west of Eastern Aranthar, this was once the "Greatest Kingdom" on Nor. It covered all of Aranthar in the past. Over the years it has lost territory but is still looked at as the greatest kingdom in Aranthar.
      • Condor - This theocracy lies south of Eroth, and is ruled by Priests of Tahkene. The capital city, raised in a recent war is being rebuilt.
      • Skull Island - This small island in the center of the Aryn Ocean, between East and West Aranthar houses Freeport, once a pirate haven, but now a legitimate port where trade flourished. Ruled by the Captains Council a groups of captains that have a stake in the island.
      • Kaliman Islands - This group of island off the southwest coast of Eastern Aranthar are home to more primative societies with strange customs.
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