Another World Nexus

Hello fellow readers,

I your loveable slightly robust Cleric Brother Tobin :D will recount a tale of what happened to the adventurers when they left Nor. YES you heard me correctly left Nor.

After the freeing of the Dwarf (whom is called Dorfin) and consequently searching for his father. The Brave band found the Temple of Stone, and some unfriendly Stone giants. I will leave out the gory details, but the band prevailed of course. They found that the dwarf's father had entered the temple, and found a vast chasm. Well call it vertigo, fate or luck the group fell into the chasm.

When our courageous band awoke, they were in a tunnel, it was well escavated. After following the tunnel they came upon a city of dwarves.
They immediately knew something was not right.

they were led to the Thane of the Dwarves, who told them they were in New Thoradon, in a land called Nexus. The king had seen Dorfin's father, and told him that he must call counsel. The king left them in them in charge with one of his advisors, a makar named Kirag.
The makar it turns out are humanoid beings that has a symbiont living within it. These Symbiots live lifetimes in different host bodies, in exchange the host has access to all that the symbiont has experianced.

The Makar was named Kirag, and it seems it at one time, he knew and loved Garrick, as a mage called Sarah.

After a quick stay in the surfacer's section of the city they were called to see the Thane. The strangely the counsel contained a drow elf, and a Druegar dwarf. He told them that the city was recently discovered, and it was recently retaken from intruders. The adventurers that had first taken the city, also discovered a portal. the ancient dwarves used it to trade goods with far away kingdoms, during the height of the Kyre (an ancient civilization on Nexus) empire. The dwarves have recently learned to use the portal, but being pragmatic they sent a scouting party ahead to see where the portal lead. It has been a couple of weeks, but no sign of the party.

Well as can be imagined the King then asked our heroes if they would be willing to enter the portal and find signs of the lost party.

They are to report back in two weeks if they have not returned in that time then the dwarves are going to shut the gate and close it for ever.

They were also told that the portal opened up to ruins near an old Tower. The tower had once belonged to Garrick which he used during his stay on this world, before returning to Nor.
Kirag, the makar had a skeleton key that used to belong to one of his former hosts named Sarah. The Key would open the door to the tower and several rooms within. They were also told that a witch now occupied the tower.

The band of the Red Fox agreed to investigate, as the Key to Thoradon was supposedly held by the Dorfin's father.

With that news the brave band were soon on the way thru the portal.
there they found evidence that the dwarven party was attacked.
A path led them to the old tower, they easily defeated the Gargoyles that were guarding the tower and entered.
They were confronted by a butler who would take them to see his mistress. They found that the mistress was in a room with a large mirror, and being guarded by a few mechanical servants.

She informed the adventurers that the dwarf was in danger of dying so she trapped him in the mirror till a healer. Wazuki being healer, offered his services, she freed the dwarf. The dwarf died to what seemed an attack of a Vampire, but not before he gave the key to his son. In actuallity he was poisoned, by a posionous darts that the gargoyle leader was using. The two "bite" marks were in fact dart marks, but that is for another story. One of the adventures was tipped off that she was keeoing other innocents in the mirror and based on this the adventurers attacked her killing her and her guardians in a surprise attack. Not all the band agreed with this, but life for them went on.

They found out that she was in fact not the mistress of the tower, but was lured here by the true mistress. Who was trying to use her father to… well that is different story as well.
Suffice it to say she was not the evil witch.

They did encounter a man named the traveler, he was an elf and former friend of Garricks, this man helped them by giving them a box and a key to the vault. Also he could send the characters home to a temple that would lead them to there plane, but only an Archmage could control this portal.

Well they found the temple, and managed to enter, where they found tha the portal was guarded by a man from there world called Guidian, and a Brass Dragon called Wildflame.

They defeated the dragon, but Guidian escaped through the portal. Then an appearance of another man in black. He said his name was Caldean and he was a friend of Garricks, he was also able to control the portal. He had freed Durmont from wherever he was kept and sent the campanions home. With these faithful words to Garrick "Tell him he was right, That Friendship is indeed more powerful than any magic!"

So the adventure continues..

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