Amicus Trade Consortium

This affiliation of human and elven traders formed 700 years ago. What started out as trade agreements between the High Elves of Esendar. The Traders bring all manor of elven wares by all craftsman and trade for goods that benefit the community. They have also opened trade houses in Twin Suns, Sub-Sanction, Hellgate Keep, And have started trading with Coral Reef. In recent time since the war between the order and the high chancellor trade to Hellgate Keep has slowed but some ships carrying medical supplies are allowed through as long as they trade an equal share with both sides.

Each trade house is run by a singal family who have all taken the surname Amicus. While not all members of a given hoousehold are traders most do work in the field as either protectors, buyers, or craftsman. 60% of the net profit is returned to Essendar in the form of goods for the community 20% is used for expansion and growth , 15 % is used to pay a voulentary tax in the regions it trades in for community development projects such as roads hospitals and guards for safe travel. Most of the guards come from the Dogs of War Mercenary Company for thier record of honor. The final 5% is used under the dicretion of each Manor Lord.

The Manor Lord Salus Amicus in Sub-Sanction has been working on getting more aquaducts built to lessen the spread of disease in the area. After a plague almost destroyed Sub-Sanction the health of the travelers and fellow traders has become his upmost concern.

Manor Lord Construxi Amicus of Twin Suns is using his funds to assist in the rebuilding of Twin Moons to it's former glory, he is also working to eliminate the pirate threat in the region.

Manor Lordess Fidelis Amicus of Hellgate Keep is working to reclaim and unearth all manor of history in the region for fear that if the war flares up again the history of the region and it's connection to the past may be forever lost.

Manor Lord Aequor Amicus of Coral Reef is seeking to aid Skull Island anyway he can providing resources and manpower in these trying times. It has been said like Fidelis he is also interested in accumulating history of the past and is paying for help in preserving and figuring out the many ruins of Skull Island

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