The Adventurers Rest

Tavern in Sanction. There were many places called the adventure's rest that have existed throughout Eroth's history.

It was founded by a Man named Natas. Many people have owned the rest, including the martial artist Barig, It's current owner is Twil Tagowa

As you enter the inn the most notable thing is the wall fallen Adventurers. this wall is dedicated to the Band of the Red Fox. This adventuring company were instrumental in the rebuilding Eroth, and the Rest was rebuilt by one of their members, Durmont. He started the tradition of the wall as a memorial to his friend in the band. It has since grown to include momentous from hundreds of fallen adventurers. The band's mementos thought still have a place of honor in the center. The Sword of the Band, a long sword with a fox's head as its pommel is hung on the center. It blade has been inscribed with the Names of all the band's members. There is also a black armband, with an embroidered Fox hung on the wall for each of the members who have passed. There is also an old battered Pair of boots, with a shamrock stitched on the front, A helmet crest bearing the symbol of the Order of Illumination, an old battered Erothian eagle, and an Ivory Dagger, carved from one long piece

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