Across The Sea

Day 31: We explored the great library of Jorgenfist. The old collection contained information on all manner of topics, and learned much about the history of the world in the days before recorded history. In particular, we learned more about the orogons of Karzaug's power. He initially believed that Nor comprised the entirety of the universe, and so confined his attempts at gathering power through rune magic to the inhabitants of this world. When he discovered that the were, in fact, other worlds, he began to seek to draw further energies from them. He tried to use the lower planes, but apparently concluded that he could not control them while drawing as much power as he wanted. This led him to other worlds, and eventually to the Praxite world. This led eventually to the Praxite invasion, as the Praxites apparently did not appreciate sorcerers on other planets using them as batteries. According to the books, the invaders had actually negotiated a deal with him that would have let him keep much of his power. However, a slave revolt weakened him (although the details are not recorded), and he disappeared. The Praxites then massacred the remaining humans and Runelords, leading to history as it is conventionally recorded.

Most importantly, we discovered Karzaug's plan. Apparently, he gains the most power from the death of marked people who do not realize they are dying for him. In addition, he built a magical battery called the Runewell that enables him to to store such power. Putting these together, he plans to use a large war to kill many of his marked soldiers, thus allowing him to gain a tremendous reserve of power. The only missing question is what he plans to do with this power.

Father Cain, along with Kendrak and me, also enjoyed the substantial collection of old holy books. The One True God was evidently widely worshiped among the various slave races of the Runelords, a fact which provides further evidence that he is truly more ancient than the assorted newer gods, and thus can honestly claim his title. These books show the faith as it was in its early days, and I shall take the opportunity to study them when time allows.

The collection of books on other planes was also impressive. Again, I shall have to return here later when I shall have the chance to study them, but I learned a number of interesting facts.

Day 34: We returned to the keep. We were relieved to discover that it was still in good condition, and that the lieutenants Kendrak had appointed were doing their jobs as they were supposed to. We did not have the time to spend as long as we would have liked on the creation of new equipment, but nonetheless it was nice to sleep in our own beds for once. In addition, and more importantly I finally managed to bind a creature from another plane. With the support of Frick and Frack, as well as careful deployment of various other spells, I was able to compel service from a nightmare. The creature was not initially enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve as my mount, but I was successfully able to persuade it. I shall ride to Sandpoint in style. I was definitely encouraged to see that I can control such a useful creature. I offered to try to find such mounts for the others, but they would not take my offer.

Day 39: We reached Sandpoint, to seek passage across the sea to The Mark. Upon arrival, we discovered that the sorcerer we'd been unable to challenge earlier had now acquired the glassworks that sit over the entry to the tunnels containing the Runewell. This is not a good development, as it means Karzaug's agents are now in possession of the well.

Day 60:Eventually, we found a ship to carry us to the Mark. On the way, we stopped at the Academy, and purchased a few interesting supplies. We then paid a smuggler to slip us into the Marl, so we could cut across the country to Amador and allow Father Cain to report our discoveries to his superiors. Hopefully, Bartholemew will not have been able to start the war by then.

Day 65: We arrived at the Fortress of Light. Our journey was smoother than it could have been, and we reached the Fortress to discover that, while Bartholemew had made his report, he had not yet started a war. Lord Captains Bernard and Allister were in pronounced disagreement over the correct course of action to take. We reported everything we had found, including the fact that the Chancelor's men had lost their discipline and training (because his plan is for them to be slaughtered as quickly as possible). Bernard took careful note of our suspicions, but Allister found out what we had told them and used it as evidence to argue for a quick invasion.

Ponifex had been accused of treason, which would make his pardons of Janus and Dorian invalid. We were not made privy to the evidence against him, but apparently there is enough of it for the accusation to carry considerable weight. It also appears that Father Cain may be used to conduct the trial, as he is not known to be closely connected with either side.

Day 66: We awoke to discover Janus and Savannah missing, and Pontifex assassinated. After the Fortress had calmed down, Bernard was elevated to the High Council. This allowed him to immediately pardon Dorian, but also that he is no longer able to oppose Allister in the way he used to. From his new role, he ordered us to discover the foul assassins responsible for the death of hte noble Pontifex, and to do whatever was necessary to do so swiftly. If we do not accomplish that soon, there will be no chance to prevent the war and the gift of colossal magical energy to Karzaug.

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