9 The Jewelers And Gemcutters Guild

Not all the jewelry in Freeport was plundered from ships by freebooters bearing dubious “Letters of Marque.” Freeport has its own jewel-and metal-craft industry, adept at turning out glittering creations to rival anything on the Continent. There aren’t many jewelers or gemcutters in Freeport, but they are among the wealthiest people in the city. Their guildhouse is located in the Merchant District, and is where many of them do their actual work and store the vast bulk of their raw metals and jewels.

The guild was founded over fifty years ago by the jewelers of the city, who until that time had simply been part of the Guild of Craftsmen. With far greater security concerns than their erstwhile fellows—carpenters didn’t tend to get robbed twice each week by every pirate in Scurvytown—the jewelers decided to form their own separate guild, and to base themselves far from the dangerous parts of Freeport. The Merchant District was happy to extend its hospitality to the gemcutters. The guild established itself, elected Dirwin “Nimblefingers” Arnig as their guildmaster (a position he has retained ever since), hired a lot of guards, and got back to work. Now their guild is one of the wealthiest groups in Freeport, although it doesn’t tend to do much with that fortune; the gemcutters prefer to work and invest, rather than get involved in politics or social agendas.

Somewhat out of place in the fine streets of the Merchant District, the Jewelers’ Guildhouse is a low, boxy building with little ornamentation. There are few doors and windows, and those that exist are heavily barred. A high wall with iron spikes at the top circles the building, patrolled by guards day and night; a single gate allows access.

Unlike the luxury of the Merchants’ Guildhouse, the jewelers’ headquarters is all business. The bulk of the guildhouse’s interior is taken up by a large, common workshop in which the guild members can work. In the center of the workshop, a massive vault holds a fortune in both raw materials and finished goods. The vault is triple-locked and features a security system that floods the whole workshop in poisonous gas if triggered. The place is also under the constant protection of a dozen well-trained guards. Apart from the workshop and vault, the guildhouse also holds a dining room and kitchen, some offices and storage rooms, and quarters where a few members can sleep if they wish (Dirwin Arnig is a permanent resident). Most guild members spend only a day or two here each week. They prefer to be in their shops whenever possible, selling their goods and making money.

Prominent NPCs
Dirwin Arnig: A tiny wizened creature that seems to be all wrinkles and eyes. Those eyes see a lot, though, whether through a jeweler’s loupe or in the halls of the Captains’ Council. He is a stickler for guidelines, tradition, and protocol, and has a deserved reputation for painstaking honesty and honor. Arnig spends almost every day at the guildhouse, polishing and cutting gems, eschewing such fripperies as running a store or having a social life; the only things that pry him from his work are the unwelcome responsibilities of a Councilor. The last few years have been harsh and tumultuous ones, and Arnig would like nothing better than to retire from the Council and devote his sunset years to
mastering the minutiae of gemcutting.

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