9 The Grog Pot

A modest-sized tavern, the locals are generally a bit more welcoming to strangers than those at most other inns or taverns in Drac's End. The Pot sits near the Fang and Claw as well as the Temple District, and most of its customers work at one of those two locations. This does result in occasional arguments about theology that can get out of hand, but most customers are careful to avoid discussing controversial religious topics, especially with people they don't know well.

The Pot has been around for a while. It survived the Great Green Fire, and made something of a reputation by providing discounted beer and foodstuffs for firefighting crews. Aryen took over from the previous owner shorty after the fire, and has focused on attracting more customers from the Temple District. She feels that people from there are both richer and better behaved than those who live around the inn.

The Pot sits in a simple wooden building. On the western side, there are still scorch marks left from the Fire. Inside, Aryen displays her collection of religious items donated by various clerical customers. She is careful to avoid showing anything likely to insult anyone, but has still managed to assemble a set of items sufficient to give her tavern a unique look.

Prominent NPCs
Urtha Aryen: A plainly dressed middle-aged woman, Aryen own and runs the Pot. She took it over after the previous owner fled the city in the wake of the Great Green Fire, and managed to pay for the repairs required without bankrupting herself. Since then, she has steadily increased her supply of customers, despite the fact that her no-nonsense personality and occasionally short fuse do not match most people's expectations of an innkeeper.

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