9 Shrine To Twilmeril

In the center of Revelation Way, on the east side of the Temple District, stands a statue of Twil. Rising some nine feet tall and resembling a cloaked woman shielding her eyes from the sun as she looks off to the west, the statue is a landmark, helping locals find their way around the city. The statue is not named, and it’s covered in bird dung, but many Freeporters come to Twil to touch her stony cloak before undertaking a long journey.

Given its adventurous approach to life, Freeport is aware of the importance of luck, and so Twil has always had her share of adherents. While there are many gamblers who pray to her, the shrine was built through donations from merchants who prayed to her before undertaking major commercial operations. The large, copper-plated statue currently in existence was built about fifteen years ago, but there have been several different shrines on the site over the years. Because there has never been a formal cult of Twil in the city, previous shrines were knocked down by wealthy merchants eager to create space to set up a new, grander shrine to earn the goddess' blessing (and to advertise their own glory).

The current shrine is a large statues of Twil, looking out toward the port in honor of the merchants who paid for its construction. As it was only set up recently, the copper has not yet begun to turn green, leaving the statues with its original golden hue. At the base of the statue is a plinth with a plaque listing the names of the merchants who paid for its construction. The Tarjay and Maeorgan families are very prominently represented on the list.

Prominent NPCs
Barclay Keel: A perpetually smiling young man who was hired by the statue's builders to look after it. Keel lives in a small house in Drac's End and comes to the statue several times a day. He dresses in the golden colors normally associated with the cult, and will explain the tenets of Twil to the best of his limited education. In particular, he explains how she looks especially kindly on those who donate to the faith, which will then spend the money on those suffering from poor luck.

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