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Pete's is a small tavern located just outside the gates to the Old City. It is one of the more expensive establishments in the Eastern District, and therefore many of its customers come from the various offices inside the walls. Unlike most Eastern District businesses, it does not associate with the HBA.

Pete's has been around, in its present location, since shortly after the founding of the city. Local legend claims that it was one of the first building to be built outside the Old City walls, and that it is the oldest surviving building in the Eastern District. Inevitably for such an old structure, there are several ghost stories associated with it. The most prominent of these claims that it is still haunted by the spirit of its founder, who roams the upper floor still looking for his lost love (though the identity of the woman in question depends on who is telling the story).

Kamangar, its current owner, inherited the store from his father about fifteen years ago. He claims to be a descendant of the original Pete, but nobody really believes him. Still, he is a competent and trustworthy man, and he tries as well as he can to keep the inn's reputation for quality food and drink.

Pete's sits in a building that definitely looks as though it has been around since the District was first built. However, as it has always been occupied by a reasonably productive and peaceable tavern, it has been well looked after during that time. Consequently, it is in generally good condition.

The building has stone walls around the first floor, with two floors built of wood above them. The walls have been painted several different colors over the years, and there are places where these older layers show through. This gives the building much of its character, although it is a source of some embarrassment to Kamangar.

Prominent NPCs
Salar Kamangar: A swarthy, stoutly built man who looks like the stereotype of an innkeeper, Kamangar has run Pete's since inheriting it from his father some fifteen years ago. He is proud of its reputation as perhaps the classiest dining location in the District, and also of the number of Old City workers and residents who travel the short distance outside the walls to dine there. He does everything in his power to defend the quality and reputation of his inn, and is noted for having higher standards for his staff than most of the city's tavern keepers.

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