9 Dread S Place

Dread's Place is possibly the roughest tavern in Scurvytown. Pirates visiting the city tend to end up here, and fights between rival crews are a frequent event. In addition, the inn sits on the border of Blackened Knot territory, and consequently disputes between them and their various rivals often happen in or around the Place.

Dread's Place started life as a regular dive, little different from all the others that can be found in dark corners of Scurvytown. Over time, it has acquired its current reputation; many people discuss it in a way that makes it sound almost as violent as the One Ring in the Docks. Earlier proprietors made a point of catering to pirates, as they felt that would give them a reputation that would help attract other customers. Things did not quite work out as planned…

The building may once have been, at least by local standards, a legitimate structure. However, after years of barfights and worse, it is not in good shape. The furniture consists of crates, boxes and other easily replaceable flotsam, and the simple main barroom has no decorative fixtures of any kind any more.

While there are no wall-hangings or pictures, the walls and ceilings are covered in the emblems of the various pirate crews that have passed through here. Many of the emblems have been defaced in insulting ways, while others trumpet the successes of the men who painted them.

Prominent NPCs
Kagrisos: A thick-set, roughly dressed man who appears to have considerable orc blood, Kagrisos runs the Place. He doesn't appear to own it, and no-one really cares enough about that to ask him for further details. Still, he appears to be in charge most of the time, and so most customers assume that he is the manager.

In the small office in the back of the inn (equipped with the thickest door available), he keeps a collection of items donated by the more famous (at least in their own minds) of his patrons.

Cuttle: A stooped, gnarled old man invariably seen in a heavy black cloak, Cuttle is a semi-regular patron of Dread's Place. He watches the fights with an occasionally amused grin, and sometimes bets on the outcomes. He speaks with a thick, hoarse whisper; his throat was damaged in an earlier brawl, and he's never had the money to get himself healed properly.

Perhaps that is what motivates his periodic acts of kindness toward the losers of some of the rougher fights; he has been known to give copper coins and assistance finding employment to those who seem to need it.

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