8 The Warg Company

The Warg Company is a storied mercenary outfit from the Mark. Their Freeport outpost serves several important functions for the company, though the presence of an organized military unit in the city makes some uncomfortable. The company takes its name from an especially cunning and vicious breed of wolf. Since most Freeporters aren’t educated enough to know what a warg is, the mercenaries are invariable referred to as "wolfheads” because of the company’s coat of arms.

The Warg Company owes its success and longevity to the driving ambition of one man: Jander Baldewyn. He founded the company forty years ago and molded it into a fearsome fighting force. Now the Warg Company has many warbands fighting in far-flung corners of the world and even owns four warships to facilitate their deployment. Jander and his staff coordinate those efforts from one of several permanent outposts. Although Baldewyn is approaching sixty years of age, he still dons his armor every day and leads campaigns every summer.

The outpost opened for business three years ago and has three main functions. First, it acts as a recruiting and training station for the Warg Company. With all the people who pass through Freeport, there is always new blood to be found. Aspiring mercenaries sign on to the company, receive some initial instruction, and then sail to another company outpost elsewhere to complete their training. Second, it is a rest center for the company. Men who’ve been on the front line for too long are periodically rotated to Freeport for relaxation and recuperation. Third, it sells mercenary services to the people of Freeport. Few jobs require more than six men, and they are commonly hired as bodyguards. The wolfheads are not cheap to hire, but they have an excellent reputation.

Publicly, Enoch Holliver reacted to the concerns of other councilors by limiting the number of Warg Company men in Freeport at any one time to fifty. The watchmen on the street, however, have been told not to worry about the Warg Company. Since mercenaries are constantly coming and going, and some of the men on leave stay in inns anonymously, the true number of wolfheads in the city on any given day would be difficult to judge in the best of circumstances. Typically, there are twenty men stationed at the outpost, another thirty to fifty recruits undergoing training, and a similar number on leave.

The Warg Company, located southwest of the Field of Honor on the fringe of the Eastern District, looks like a warehouse from the outside. The interior, however, has been transformed over the last three years into a small fortress. The doors are thick oak reinforced with iron, and interior stone walls were built behind the original wooden ones. Those wishing to hire the wolfheads are welcome in the front office. The rest of the outpost is off limits to anyone outside the company. Most of the original building consists of a training area for the new recruits.

Prominent NPCs
Galya Timosha: Galya commands the Freeport outpost. She is one of a handful of survivors of the original company— most died or retired years ago. Her dwarven longevity and incredible toughness have made Galya a mainstay of the Warg Company. With a big nose that’s been broken one too many times and more scars than a pit fighter, Galya is no one’s princess. She is, however, a skilled captain whose command presence keeps her troops in line. In mere moments, she can reduce new recruits to quivering piles of jelly. She does not like Freeport and would rather be leading troops in the field, but she’s loyal to Jander Baldewyn and accepted the assignment without complaint.

Driskoll Layton: Driskoll leads the Warg Company’s recruiters in Freeport. Every day he heads out to the Docks to extol the virtues of the mercenary life. He frequents taverns to sing martial songs and tell exaggerated tales of the company’s exploits. Though he was once a campaigner, years of eating and drinking to excess have made him portly. Nonetheless, his voice is strong and clear, and his songs and stories are suitably rousing. Many Warg Company mercenaries joined up after a chance encounter with Driskoll Layton.

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