8 The Guild Of Wizards

Some thirty years ago, a cabal of wizards selected Freeport as their new home. It was a glorious event, celebrated with much fanfare and ebullient spectacles, all of which left their mark on the imagination of Freeport’s citizens. With pride, Freeport accepted the wizards, believing they were somehow safer, somehow protected by the sheltering hands of these learned men and women.

Freeporters remember the founding of the Wizards’ Guild vividly. Pyrotechnics filled the sky, immaculately clad djinn flew through the streets waving shimmering banners, and dozens of waterspouts exploded in the harbor in tribute to the power of wizardry. Stories of its marvels are still recounted in taverns across Freeport.

The guild has a great degree of latitude, enjoying far more freedom than other citizens do. To ensure the continuation of their agreeable relationship, the guild provides its services to the city’s government for free or at a drastically reduced price. For instance, the wooden Warehouse that houses the Office of Public Records in the Warehouse District is filled to the rafters with piles of extremely flammable paper. The guild maintains a series of wards to suppress fire and prevent it from going up like a tinderbox if someone were to drop a torch. Additionally, the guild has agreed to participate fully in any defense of the city from outside invaders. So long as the guild is willing to assist the city in its public, and sometime not-so-public, needs, the wizards are free to do as they please.

The Wizards’ Guild is a large, marble building that stands in the center of the Old City, towering over the Street of Dreams. Its spotless marble walls encircle the compound, pierced once by a pair of two large bronze doors. Flashing arcane glyphs shine forth from the surface, reminding all that approach of the power contained within, as well as serving as the only warning the wizards are willing to give to thieves. Just inside is a public area—the only one in fact. It is an airy atrium with a high ceiling fitted with skylights. Mute guards, whom few believe are human, prevent access to the recesses of the building and bar the way of any who dare to enter without the express approval of a guild member. Not even the Sea Lord can enter without the permission of Tarmon or Thorgrim, the guild’s Lord Defender.

The chambers so zealously guarded are mostly laboratories and apartments for guild members and apprentices. The real treasure, however, is its arcane library. Whispers of strange pocket worlds and doorways that lead to far-flung lands occasionally filter out of the place, but Tarmon assures any who query these “extra-dimensional” spaces merely serve to contain the guild’s most treasured possessions.

Prominent NPCs
Tarmon: Tarmon is the founder and High Wizard of Freeport’s Wizards’ Guild. He’s also a member of the Captains’ Council, making him the first wizard to ever serve in this role. He has enormous magical power and that has helped him build up political power as well. The High Wizard is easily one of the most influential men in Freeport.

Many of Freeport’s success stories revolved around immigrants who came to the city and made good. Tarmon was born in Freeport and the city is in his blood. He never knew who his father was and his mother died of a pox when he was but five years old. Left to make his own way on the streets, the young orphan did what was necessary to survive. He was aided by great mental acuity and a knack for figuring things out. By watching carnival spellcasters, he was able to figure out how to start small fires. This brought him to the attention of Tibalt Ten-Fingers, a wizard from the Continent. Tibalt took the boy as an apprentice and trained him the art of magic.

Tibalt was not a kindly master. He worked his apprentices hard and treated them worse than slaves. He drills were effective, though, and Tarmon blossomed into a gifted young wizard. He left Tibalt as soon as he could and traveled extensively on the Continent and beyond. When he finally returned to the city of his birth, he was worldly and experienced.

During the reign of Milton Drac, Tarmon tried to stay out of politics. He was an advisor to the Captains’ Council but he did not take sides in its machinations. When the truth of Drac’s madness was revealed, Tarmon realized he had made a mistake. The city had come perilously close to utter ruination and he had done nothing. So it was, with Liam Blackhammer’s help, he put himself forward to become a member of the Captains’ Council.

Tarmon is tall with brown hair and eyes. He favors long flowing red robes bound by a golden belt. He walks with the aid of a gnarled, old, wooded staff, but this is largely for show. His magic keeps him vigorous despite his advanced age but he feigns a bit of frailty to more easily manipulate those around him. Very few people really know Tarmon. He appears to be a kindly and knowledgeable old wizard. His magic has aided the city greatly in the past, such as during the Great Green Fire, so Freeporters tend to think well of him.

Thorgrim, Lord Defender of the Wizards' Guild: Thorgrim is responsible for the security of the Guild. He is a tall, powerfully built man with a thick mane of flaming red hair, usually seen with his greatsword strapped to his back. He does not say much, but is capable of powerful fits of anger if he feels his fellow wizards are under threat.

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