8 Shrine To Keribus

Nestled away in an alley formed by the Temple of Gilidan and the Fool’s Market, Keribus’ shrine is a strange place maintained by an even stranger priest named Xort. In line with traditional practice in the cult of Keribus, there are no full-time priests; Xort is a wizard who maintains the shrine out of respect for the God of Magic.

Freeport has had a Wizard's Guild for centuries. Several of these wizards have been followers of Keribus, and they arranged for the construction of a small shrine. Initially, this was inside the Wizard's Guild building, but eventually the shrine outgrew the space available within the building and forced the shrine to be moved to the Temple District. About a decade ago, the original shrine was demolished and replaced by a statue of a dragon created through magic by Avilian Riversong, an elven wizard noted for her skills with sculpture.

The current shrine is a large statue of a silver dragon sitting on a base shaped to resemble the moon. This statue was created magically by Riversong, who did so to thank Keribus for answering her prayers for assistance while dealing with some particularly difficult magical research. Other wizards periodically come to the statue to pay homage, as do a few sailors and others who must travel by night.

Prominent NPCs
Xort: Xort is a tallish, thin man with ragged black hair. He dresses in similarly messy, threadbare clothes, and comes to the shrine every day or two to clean it and perform whatever minor repairs may be required. He does not make any attempt to lecture any visitors or passers-by on the cult, but will answer questions about it. He says that he maintains the shrine out of gratitude for an occasion when his ship was trapped in a storm at night and prayers to Keribus allowed the crew to determine a safe course to the harbor.

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