8 Maeorgan Manor

Located at 100 Wave Avenue, just off Wave Street, this comfortable townhouse seems little different from any others in the neighborhood. But locals still gossip about how the former tenant was brutally murdered several years ago, and discuss the charisma and ambitions of the new occupants.

“Checkered” doesn’t even begin to describe the recent history of what is now known as Maeorgan Manor. It served for many years as home to Councilor Verlaine, the powerful and wealthy head of the Captains’ Council. Verlaine was an ally of Milton Drac, but the mad Sea Lord had no loyalty for his underling; when it suited his needs, he butchered Verlaine and his servants, and then tried to pin the blame for the crime on his enemies.

After Verlaine’s death and Drac’s downfall, the house at 100 Wave Avenue sat vacant for a time. Realizing it might take months or longer for a relative to come forward and claim Verlaine’s estate, young aristocrat Mendor Maeorgan and his gang, the Joy Boys, decided to make the place their headquarters in the meantime. None of them actually lived here; they simply made it their hangout and bullied their servants into keeping it clean.

When Marilise Maeorgan became a Councilor, the last thing she wanted was a disreputable cousin embarrassing her or causing shame to her family. She pulled a few strings with the Office of Public Records and had the townhouse signed over to Mendor’s name. She also made it clear he either needed to reform his thuggish ways or (at the very least) be as circumspect as possible about his activities. Mendor chose the latter; he spent most of his time lounging around the newly named Maeorgan Manor, while the Joy Boys became increasingly active in the Warehouse District, the Docks, and Drac’s End.

When the Joy Boys disbanded after the Great Green Fire, Mendor went into hiding from his enemies and his cousin’s displeasure. For the last few years, he’s lived a (relatively) quiet life, only leaving the Manor on rare occasions, his dreams of ruling Freeport’s underworld gone up in smoke. However, he has lately rediscovered his zest for life, and has again begun to hold parties for the local aristocratic youth.

Manor Maeorgan is a well-built two-story townhouse on a small block of land, situated behind an iron fence and a gardened lawn. A few well-paid servants (employed directly by Councilor Marilise) keep the grounds tidy and make occasional reports to their mistress about what her cousin is up to. Mendor is aware of this, and makes sure to keep the worst of his activities secret.

The interior of the townhouse is well appointed, but not exceptionally so; Maeorgan and his cronies like comfortable surroundings, but their tastes really aren’t that well developed. This is for the best,as really good furnishings would not stand up well to the constant parties, bad table manners, and occasional temper tantrums of Mendor and his wealthy friends.

Prominent NPCs
Marilise Maeorgan: After the death of her brother Melkior in the fall of Milton Drac, Marilise took his seat (Freeport custom holds that a dead Councilor's seat goes to his heir unless the Council specifically vetoes it). At six feet tall, Marilise is a tall and statuesque woman. She has long, curly black hair, full lips, and piercing grey eyes. She spurns ostentation and dons the garb of a sea captain. She wears a magical longsword named Reaverbane wherever she goes, and has shown Freeporters that she knows how to use it on several occasions. This blade was forged long ago to fight the city’s pirates but was taken as a battle trophy by one of Freeport’s captains. Her father came into possession of the sword some years ago, and she inherited it.

Mendor Maeorgan: Marilise's cousin, and the usual inhabitant of the Manor while she is attending Council functions. Mendor Maeorgan is a wiry man in his late twenties. He was always considered quite handsome, but nowadays his feral, intense expression and yellow-hazel eyes are both disturbing and unnaturally compelling. He wears expensive, well-tailored clothing, but sometimes neglects to change it for days on end, leaving his finery tattered and dirty.

Walter Dalloway: Walter Dalloway is a typical friend of Mendor. The dissolute fourth son of a large banking family, Walter felt little pressure from his family to enter the family business, marry well, or do well at his studies. He spent his teens drinking, whoring, and learning aristocratic swordsmanship, and now yearns to do something with those skills—something unpleasant. Handsome, well-dressed, and remarkably free of manners, Walter is regarded as something of an embarrassment by the rest of his family.

Vikki Tarjay: The only daughter of one of Freeport’s richest textiles merchants. Vikki is about 22 years old, and quite attractive. She always dresses well, and has superb manners when she feels like using them. She is one of the most desired party attendees in the city, and her presence at the Manor has done much to raise Mendor's profile among other members of the aristocracy.

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