8 Fish Stew

This simple structure is named for the house specialty, a stew made from fish obtained from the Fish Market. The Market is on the next block over, and so the inn is able to obtain a steady supply of ingredients. Unfortunately, these ingredients are very seldom fresh, and none of the people who work in the inn have any real idea of how to cook fish. Therefore, the stew is generally regarded as spectacularly bad. In fact, a favorite sport of the regulars is telling new customers to try the fish, and then observing their reactions.

The inn is also known as a gambling den. In contrast to the reliably poor food, the gambling is well regarded. The Stew is known around Scurvytown for providing about the fairest games available, a fact the establishment's staff exploit by blacklisting patrons who do not buy enough food or drink to go along with their gaming.

The inn has only been around for a year or so. Previously, the building served as a whorehouse, which was obliged to close down after its boss angered one local gang boss too many. Its current owner, Igor Reichstav, took over the building with money saved during his years as a member of the local Watch. Like many watchmen, he was always willing to look the other way in exchange for some additional coin, and years of such side benefits finally added up to enough to allow a career change. As he is fond of saying, his connections to the Watch allow him to run his business without having to affiliate with any local gang.

The Fish Stew is a broken-down old building. It was once a fine dockside office, as its outside walls are built of stone (unusual in this poor district). However, none of the many individuals who have owned the building since then have spent much time or effort on maintenance, and the structure clearly shows this. At some point soon, Igor will have to spend a solid handful of coins on roof repair.

The building and the street around it are continuously surrounded by the smell of decaying fish, as the remains of the regular orders from the Market moulder in the side storerooms. Igor has repainted the front of the inn, and plans to continue this effort through the inside as well. However, none of this does much to remove the faint but ever-present odor that permeates everything.

Prominent NPCs
Igor Reichstav: A youngish, slightly built man with a fondness for bright and colorful clothes, Reichstav owns and runs the inn. He is aware of the poor quality of its food, and dreams of saving enough money to be able to afford a skilled chef. However, that would also require him to buy better ingredients, something he is less willing to do.

In the interim, he enjoys working a job with a much lower likelihood of fatal injury than his previous one. In addition, he is sure to provide discounted beer to some of his old friends still in the service. This ensures a greater Watch presence around his inn than is normal for Scurvytown, which further contributes to its reputation as a safe place to gamble.

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