8 Belle S Well

Located in one of the poorer stretches of Drac’s End, this well seems much like any other that dots the district and all of Freeport. Its claim to fame, though, is its eccentric “guardian,” Belle Banks, who believes “her” well provides the best water in town.

Like most other wells in town, this one was sunk more than two centuries ago when Captain Drac founded Freeport; providing fresh water was an immediate priority for the city’s creator and remains an ongoing concern for the modern Captains’ Council.

The well gained its notoriety when Belle Banks, a resident of Tent Town, saw (or claimed to see) an angelic creature emerge from it one night. No one else saw it, and everyone knew Belle hadn’t been right in the head since her husband ran off with a barmaid, so the locals don’t give her tale much credence. Ever since then, though, Belle has claimed the well as hers to protect; she lives in a tent near the well and calls out to all passers-by to drink of its special waters.

Belle’s Well looks like an ordinary well. A ring of bricks and stones surround a shaft that goes down to the depths of Skull Island, and it has a bucket and pulley for hauling up water (some wells in better parts of town have pump mechanisms). Belle has decorated the stone ring with shells, colored pebbles, and daubs of paint. Unlike most wells, this one is housed within a small pen (a canvas roof supported by four poles); the locals humored Belle by erecting it, due to her fears that the special waters of the well would be polluted by rainwater.

Several tents and lean-tos can be found near the well, as this section of Drac’s End contains part of Tent Town. One of these belongs to Belle Banks, though the harmless madwoman generally only goes there to sleep. During the day, she can be found next to the well, encouraging people to drink, chatting with the locals who use the well for drinking and washing, and peering down into its depths in the hope of seeing another angel.

Prominent NPCs
Belle Banks: Not much has ever gone right for Belle. She was born poor and lived poor—never making it out of Drac’s End—and when she got married to Jack Banks, he threw their money away, landed them in Tent Town, and ran off to sea with some strumpet. When Belle saw her angel climb from the well and take to the sky—on the day she’d been seriously contemplating jumping into that same well and ending it all—it turned her life around (and broke her precarious sanity, according to her neighbors). Belle now dedicates her life to protecting the well and sharing its blessings with others. Between the charity of her neighbors and washing laundry (with the holy waters, of course) Belle makes enough coin to get by, but even without that money she’d probably survive on hope alone.

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