7 Temple Of Incanus

Incanus has a small-but-rabid following of worshipers in Freeport. They gather in a tiny building a few hundred paces from the Fool’s Market. The Temple of Death prepares bodies for whatever fate awaits them—usually the Crematorium. This cult does not have the broad appeal of some other temples, but they do provide a useful service to the city.

The chaotic, violent history of the city means that the cult of Incanus has always had a presence in Freeport. However, they have always attracted some suspicion because of the belief that they are connected with the dark rulers of Coral Reef. This has not stopped the cult from establishing a formal temple, but it does mean that the Watch and the city's various secret organizations keep an eye on them.

The current temple stands on the site of the first one to be built in Freeport. It is a small, unprepossessing building of dark gray stone, with the onyx-eyed skull of Incanus carved over the front door. Inside, the building is dominated by the main hall, used mainly for funeral ceremonies. It is a simply decorated space, designed to avoid scaring off people of other faiths. In one corner is the shrine to Incanus; tradition dictates that those attending a funeral leave an offering here. The priests are quite good at reminding people to do this, and make a fair living through it.

Prominent NPCs
Werden Barras: The high priest of the temple, Barras insists on being addressed with all the formality due to that title despite the fact that he is often the only person in the building. Contrary to most people's expectations, he is usually dressed in brightly colored clothing, and the skull symbol he wears around his neck is made from silver. In addition, he has a warmer and more generous personality than most priests of his faith, and he will sometimes provide a funeral services for people who cannot afford it.

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