7 Maurices

This elegant restaurant is widely regarded as the finest eating establishment in a city, known for its widely varied cuisine. It specializes in seafood, of course, but it’s also just as famous for its thick and juicy steaks and its air-light desserts. It’s also well known in less wholesome circles as a focus for organized crime within the Merchant District.

A fixture in the Merchant District for more than ten years, Maurice’s has long been a popular destination for gourmets of every stripe. Meals at Maurice’s are hardly cheap, but the least expensive items on the menu are within the grasp of the middle class, who might come here on special occasions. Meanwhile, the wealthy residents of the Merchant District take advantage of it regularly, indulging in seven-course banquets almost every day.

That popularity is why Maurice’s was the target of a terrorist attack several years ago; an explosive device was set off at lunchtime as part of a campaign to destabilize Freeport in the wake of Milton Drac’s death. Several patrons were killed, Maurice himself was injured, and the restaurant was ruined. Despite all that, Maurice's personal reputation was such that he was able to rebuild his position, and the restaurant is now once again the most desirable dining spot in the city.

The restaurant operates from a large storefront, with a ship’s wheel hanging over glass-fronted doors. Several tables at the front allow diners to sit outside on pleasant days.

The internal decor has a distinct nautical theme to it, but it’s laced with class through and through. The restaurant is very large, capable of sitting two hundred people at a time, and it’s often full. A string quartet wanders between the tables, playing favorites both old and new. Maurice rarely takes reservations from anyone not on the Captains’ Council. In fact, there is a private table exclusively reserved for the Sea Lord.

Prominent NPCs
Maurice: Maurice, a thin man with long, just-graying hair, is a skilled and personable chef. He has turned down offers to become the personal cook for dozens of wealthy merchants, aristocrats, and royal leaders, preferring to show off his creations to a wide and varied audience. He used to be a lot happier with that decision; he also used to be known as a jolly, carefree man. Four years of struggling to rebuild all he lost in the explosion have left him melancholy, jumpy, and occasionally cranky. But still, he takes pride in the quality of his food and his restaurant; he has to take pride in something, after all.

Portia Gallowgrange: A quietly intelligent halfling noted for her impeccable self-control, Portia has been employed as the maitre d’ at Maurice’s for several years now, and almost all the clientele agree that she’s one of the most pleasant, organized, and charming professionals they’ve ever met. She knows all the regular and semi-regular customers by name, and has become something of a fixture in the District.

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