7 Fang And Claw

Located on the northern rim of Drac’s End, Fang and Claw is a business dealing in buying, selling, trapping, and training wild animals. The market for such creatures is variable, but Fang and Claw had managed to stay in operation for more than a dozen years.

Fang and Claw has been in operation for more than twenty years, and owner Omar Nkota sells animals to whoever needs them. One significant source of income is in training and selling watchdogs (or similar beasts) for other merchants. Another is in providing exotic pets and mascots to pirates. Sure, a captain can get a parrot or a monkey, but there’s more prestige in a panther, jungle devil, or baby land shark—at least, until it eats you. From savage creatures to aristocratic pets, Nkota has sold them all.

Recently, though, business has been lean—the Great Green Fire not only killed much of Nkota’s stock but also decimated the bestial population of the remaining jungles. In an attempt to adapt to changing times, Nkota has taken on board a partner, the trader Sarien, and is focusing more on creatures from the Continent or other islands. Many of these beasts are even more exotic and unusual than the animals of Skull Island—and more dangerous as well.

Fang and Claw operates out of a compound in the north of Drac’s End that spills out of the vague city limits into the cleared section around Freeport. A high iron fence surrounds the compound—partially to keep out thieves but, more importantly, to stop escaped animals from getting out and rampaging through Freeport.

Inside the compound, the primary building is a combination of an office, living quarters, an infirmary (injuries are all too common), and equipment stores (Nkota sells many animal training tools and accessories). Cages, warrens, hutches, pens, and other animal habitats take up the rest of the compound. The exact composition of Fang and Claw’s stock varies considerably over time, but on any given day, one can find multiple native birds, smaller animals, and mundane beasts. More unusual creatures such as land sharks, giant lizards, and the like may also be present, depending on what Nkota and Sarien have recently trapped or purchased.

Prominent NPCs
Omar Nkota: Omar Nkota was born and raised in Drac’s End but left decades ago to look for adventure on the Continent. When adventure found him—in the form of a savage land shark that left him with permanent injuries and nearly killed him—Omar returned to the city of his birth, where the dangers were smaller and had fewer teeth. A skilled animal trainer, he opened Fang and Claw after spending a year trapping (and occasionally taming) many of the creatures found in the forests of Skull Island. Gruff, Omar is more comfortable with animals than he is people; he keeps negotiations brief and tries to make certain the beasts he sells will be well tended. Although well into his fifties, Omar still has the skills of a longtime hunter, and anyone attempting to rob him must contend with both his combat abilities and a variety of guardian animals.

Sarien: Sarien is Omar’s partner in the business. While Omar stays in Freeport and keeps things running, Sarien captains a small ship, the Menagerie, which travels to and from the Continent transporting exotic creatures. Sarien is a skilled animal handler, as well as a trader; he was originally part of the Menagerie’s crew but bought out the captain a few years ago and went into partnership with Omar. Largely easy going, Sarien’s only bad habit is constantly worrying about his beasts getting free within Freeport; that happened once with a land shark years ago, and the cleanup bills were a nightmare.

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