7 Argyle Mcgills Curio Shop

Argyle McGill’s Curio Shop is one of the Old City’s best-kept secrets. Buried in a dark corner of this district, the Shop, as it’s known, holds some of Freeport’s strangest treasures. Adventurers frequently come here to sell oddities, art objects, and the more esoteric goods they pick up during their exploits.

The Shop has been in business for at least two decades, catering to Freeport’s most discerning customers, though no one knows with certainty when exactly it opened. Most people believe it’s always been there, tucked away in a darkened corner of the Old City. In truth, McGill opened his doors nearly thirty years ago, with a shop full of uncanny items that range from common junk to the potent artifacts that would be banned if anyone of consequence had an idea that such goods were within the walls of the city’s center.

Standing two-stories tall and drenched in shadows cast by the high wall against which it stands, it sits between two large buildings—a brothel and an old factory. A sign hangs out front, painted with a single, enigmatic word: “Shop.” The darkness inside makes the exterior look bright and sunny by comparison. Judging by the dust, the thick curtains drawn over the lone window haven’t been moved in years. Much could probably be said of the majority of the room’s contents. But then, looks can be deceiving.

It is difficult to know where to look first, as there appears to be absolutely no rhyme or reason to the manner in which the items are placed—or thrown, in some cases. Argyle does not deal in everyday, pedestrian items such as weapons or armor, but the more esoteric the item in question, the more likely it is Argyle either has it or knows where to get it. While he may not have a magical ring or wand, chances are there is an item that serves the same purpose; the shop contains an enchanted belt buckle, a charmed ship in a bottle, and even a pair of magical socks. The price Argyle charges for his curios is extravagant, but since there is nowhere else in Freeport that sells anything like them, he is free to charge what he likes.

Prominent NPCs
Argyle McGill: Most days, McGill sits behind his desk, almost completely obscured by piles of scrolls. It’s clear from looking at him he was a man of the sea at one time, likely many years ago. He wears his hair long, and his face is deeply lined. His eyes are perpetually narrowed from decades of squinting at something far off in the distance. His natural hair color may have been black, but there’s too much gray shot through it now to be completely sure. His hands are as weather-beaten as his face, yet they show absolutely no signs of shaking, and his grip is quite firm.

Whenever Argyle receives a new guest (he can uncannily recall if someone has been in before, even if it was many years ago), he waits to get out of his chair until they’ve had a chance to acclimate to the gloom. He introduces himself, makes a bit of small talk, and asks if they’re looking for something in particular. If they hadn’t guessed it already, newcomers to the shop will recognize Argyle’s seaman past by his tendency to begin every few sentences with a drawling “Yarr.”

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