6 The Tranquil Shark Protection Agency

Freeport is a dangerous place, no matter where you live, and there are few citizens of the city who haven’t needed protection from their enemies at some point. The oddly named Tranquil Shark Protection Agency exists to meet the security needs of Freeport’s less affluent citizens. Headed by the smiling Bill Sangapulatele, the Tranquil Sharks use martial arts, community connections, and plain old common sense to defend their clients from assassins, debt collectors, and other enemies.

Hailing from the islands far to the south, Bill Sangapulatele worked for a time as a pirate but found it too bloody and cruel a calling for his tastes. Instead, he honed his skills in the Tranquil Shark style (a martial art native to his homeland) and then moved to Freeport about six years ago to found his protection agency. Over the years, the cheerful foreigner has become a valued member of the Drac’s End community, beloved by both clients and neighbors, and a number of locals have come to train under him and work for his agency. Sangapulatele even provides free training in combat to locals if asked; such training is very basic, but it’s enough to let people defend themselves in a crisis.

The Tranquil Shark Protection Agency is very firm about its services; Sangapulatele explains to potential clients his job is to protect them and not to intimidate or beat up enemies. He usually has his guards work in two-man teams. An obvious bodyguard stays near the client, while a less conspicuous partner scouts around nearby for trouble. Bill does not believe in unnecessary violence and teaches his men to avoid fights when possible.

The Tranquil Shark offices can be found in a two-story building near the Merchant District. A sign outside the offices consists of a set of blunted shark’s teeth embedded into a wooden shield. The neighborhood is very quiet, and strangers may feel like many of the locals are watching them—because they are—and anyone making trouble may find the citizens surprisingly well-trained in self-defense.

The first floor of the agency is split between a combat training room and an office with a couple of writing tables that Bill and his scribe use. He meets prospective clients, or their agents, in the office. The upper floor is used as sleeping quarters for Sangapulatele and his employees. He has roughly a dozen agents (male and female) in his employ, all of them natives of Drac’s End and trained in the Tranquil Shark style, which incorporates a number of armed and unarmed combat techniques.

Prominent NPCs
Bill Sanguapulatele: Bill Sangapulatele is a large, broad-shouldered man with the features typical of southern islanders. He comes across as a very calm and balanced person. He is capable of great violence when necessary but tries to avoid incidents. He is very generous, especially with friends, and even potential customers will get small trinkets. He does not speak much, but when he does, he quickly gets to the point. He is friendly and smiles a lot.

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