6 The Baths

For those with delicate sensibilities, there are few places in Freeport where a sod can scrub off the salt of the sea, wipe off the traces of his last encounter in an alley, and soak away his cares and concerns. Freeport stinks, it’s true; however, people eventually get tired of their own curious odors, and when they do, Krovz and her baths are ready to take their pennies.

The Baths are one of Freeport’s oldest bathhouses and one of the only ones present in the Old City. Established during the days of Drac and Francisco, it languished for generations as an oddity, a novelty affordable only to Freeport’s elite. In fact, all sorts of whispers and rumors grew up around this place. Some claimed strange men with stranger habits haunted the waters, lying in wait to give the bathers a pinch where they least wanted or expected it. Others said the waters were fouled, and those who spent time in them were bound to find worms in their stool.

Despite the superstitions, the Baths somehow survived long enough for an enterprising dwarf matron named Krovz to purchase it. From out of nowhere, Krovz took charge, cleaned the place up, kicked out the lascivious folks that used the place to make filthy deals in the saunas, and turned the business around. She put her engineering skills to good use and refurbished and renovated the place in a matter of months. She devised a system of coal-fired boilers and steam pipes to offer hot baths for the first time. The luxury of a hot soak was a novelty to the cutthroats and freebooters of the port but one they took to with great pleasure.

Since she’s taken ownership, the sordid history of Freeport’s Baths has become a thing of the past. Attorneys come here between sessions to negotiate deals and meet new clients. Members of the Captains’ Council enjoy the atmosphere and indulge in the comforts only such a place can offer. And much to the amazement of the locals, it seems Krovz actually runs an honest shop.

There are two separate public baths and about a dozen private baths (reservations required). The cheapest baths are in the East Bath, while the West Bath offers a relaxing environment and has drinks and massages available for additional fees. The private baths are much pricier, and there’s no limit on how much they can cost—depending on the other services requested. For the right price, a private bath can turn into a catered party with attendants, musicians, and discreet companionship.

Prominent NPCs
Krovz: Krovz came to Freeport to forget her past. Haunted by the memories of her past—the goblins that spilled through the cracks of her peoples’ defenses—she came to this cutthroat city to find a new life. What she found was a filthy city filled with filthier inhabitants. At every turn, she was reminded of the stench of the goblin blood that stained her hands, and she felt as if she could never be clean. So, purchasing the bathhouse seemed a natural choice.

After a decade of owning the business, she’s made a small fortune catering to Freeport’s finest. She’s made a few contacts with high-priced courtesans for extra services and spent a good deal of coin on masseuses, massage oils, herbs, and incenses to make the place classy and to distance it from the den of iniquity it once was. She succeeded.

Standing just over four feet tall and nearly as wide, Krovz is a homely dwarf with thinning red-brown hair, plain features, and a bulbous nose. Her body is block-like and unappealing to most, though it’s whispered there is a licentious half-orc who has gained her affections.

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