6 Kafe Ilkin

Kafe Ilkin is a hotbed of political radicalism in the heart of the Eastern District. It is a place where foreign exiles meet and make grandiose plans of reform and revolution while sipping endless cups of kahve, an exotic drink from the south.

About fifty years ago, a young storyteller named Ilkin arrived in Freeport with a bag of kahve beans and a simple idea. He wanted to open up a kafe in Freeport like those in his homeland. He bought a failing tavern in the Eastern District from its aging owner and christened it Kafe Ilkin. He hoped that middle class Freeporters who’d had enough of drunken brawling would embrace his new venture. Kahve was a rare commodity in Freeport—one he suspected would prove an attractive alternative to beer and ale.

Success did not quickly come his way, and Freeport’s middle class proved elusive customers. But slowly, Ilkin built a clientele. Kafe Ilkin was discovered by a group of exiles from the Mark, who adopted it as their meeting place. Other exiles and immigrants followed, and soon, Kafe Ilkin was thriving. It became a place for heated political debates over steaming hot cups of black kahve. Interestingly enough, the political anger in the kafe was always directed outward towards the various Continental governments. Freeport had provided a safe haven for these revolutionaries and dissidents, and they showed little interest in reforming the city. The few regulars who flirted with Freeport’s politics were looked down upon because the consensus was that the local situation was far too limited in scope to bother with.

Ilkin died eleven years ago, and his daughter Arzu, who had grown up in the place, took over. She pays her protection money to the HBA, keeps the kahve coming from distant ports, and kicks out anyone that gets too rowdy.

Kafe Ilkin is a two-story brick building. The first floor has three rooms: a main room, a hookah room, and a small kitchen. The second, much smaller story is the living quarters for Arzu and her younger sister Dilara. The entire establishment is decorated with brightly colored wall hangings orginally set up by Ilkin to remind him of home.

Prominent NPCs
Arzu: Arzu is the proprietor of the Kafe Ilkin, which she inherited from her father. She is a vivacious woman in her mid-thirties with dark hair and smoky eyes. While not a radical, she is very protective of her clientele and does what she can to keep them out of trouble. She has a difficult relationship with her younger sister Dilara, who helps run the kafe but takes no joy in it. Arzu knows it’s only a matter of time before her sister strikes off on her own.

Corbus of the Vale: Corbus is an elf from Eroth. In his younger years, he was a singer and poet amongst the noble houses, specializing in an ancient pastoral form that was out of vogue in high society. Corbus’s work was ridiculed, and he was all but driven from Sanction. He traveled deep into the woods, connecting with his woodland kin and learning their ways. It was there he decided that the very idea of kingship was antithetical to the original ideals of the elven people. Kings, nobles, and urban living had bred a corrupt culture that was no worthy successor to the ways of their ancestors. Since then, Corbus of the Vale has worked to organize like-minded elves and overthrow the king. A small group of these elves meets at the Kafe Ilkin, and Corbus keeps them fired up with a constant stream of fiery songs and poems.

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