5 Hellhound Social Club

Run by Finn's lieutenant Dunbar, the club is a members- only institution located just off the Field of Honor. The place has no windows, so what goes on inside is a mystery to passersby, and that is just how Dunbar likes it. From this quiet, anonymous building, Dunbar runs the HBA'a peacekeeping and protection efforts.

After the HBA had finished its cleanup of the Eastern District, Finn wanted to reward one of his most talented subordinates, an ex-mercenary named Dunbar. He gifted the young tough with a beautiful home right off the Field of Honor. Dunbar decided he didn’t need such a large home, so he brought in workers to remodel it and turned it into the headquarters of his informal police force. Thus, the Hellhound Social Club was born.

Dunbar and his crew moved into the club twenty-two years ago. Since then, the Hellhounds have become a ubiquitous presence in the Eastern District. There are three elements of Dunbar’s operation. First, there are collectors, who are responsible for collecting the "taxes" the HBA levies to pay for its protection campaigns. There are currently fourteen collectors, each responsible for a neighborhood in the Eastern District. Second, there are stoolies. These are neighborhood busybodies who act as informers in exchange for a bit of coin. They keep an eye on their areas and send runners to the club in case of trouble. Last are the Hellhounds proper. These are the bravos that keep Finn’s peace.

Unlike the Watch, they do not have regular patrols. However, at least a dozen of them are always on call at the club in case a runner comes in, and more can be gathered in short order. Dunbar has trained the Hellhounds to a high standard. New recruits are carefully screened, and only the best may join. Life as a Hellhound is good, so open spots are hotly contested.

The Hellhound Social Club is a large building with an enclosed courtyard. Although called a social club, remarkably little of it is designed for comfort. Only the south wing is for entertainment, and it consists mainly of a bar. The rest of the place has more in common with a military barracks, which is no surprise considering Dunbar’s background. The courtyard is used for training, and the sound of clashing blades is heard here every day. The east wing is the armory, the north wing is living quarters, and the west wing is the private domain of Dunbar and his chosen men.

Prominent NPCs
Dunbar: Dunbar is a tough and disciplined ex-mercenary from Seaport. He originally came to Freeport because Finn had enough coin to pay him. Having worked for the Syndicate for over twenty years now, though, Dunbar has become a loyal soldier to the organization. He is continually impressed by Finn’s shrewdness and deviousness, and he decided long ago that it would be suicide to raise a blade against the halfling.

Hassel: Hassel is the Hellhounds’ drill instructor. He trains the Hellhounds to fight with rapier and dagger in a style perfected by Dunbar. These weapons are far handier in street fighting than cumbersome axes and longswords. The Hellhounds also eschew heavy armor, preferring the mobility of leather. Hassel drills his bravos in tactics and makes a special effort to teach his students every street and back alley in the Eastern District. This gives the Hellhounds another advantage in the street fights that are their trademark. Like Dunbar, Hassel is an ex-mercenary soldier. He fought across the length and breadth of the Continent before coming to Freeport, and he has a cautionary tale for every occasion.

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