5 Godshop

The Godshop is an ecumenical shop that caters to religious types by selling accoutrements of faith, from holy symbols and incense to ancient religious tomes and icons. The shop also specializes in serving the needs of new religions and has several arrangements with local craftsmen to produce specialized items for newer cults and sects.

The Godshop opened its doors for business some thirty years ago. The proprietor, Wilford Vinely, saw an opportunity to turn a quick coin by providing much-needed services to the priests of the Temple District. Until he set up shop, the temples would pay premium prices to import their materials from their various homelands—or enter contracts with local craftsmen to produce vestments, symbols, and other religious items, and usually of varying quality. Vinely, ever the shrewd businessman, knew how to negotiate, which was something the priests often lacked. He moved his shop into an abandoned shrine, purchased all sorts of weird items that were bound to appeal to the various clergymen, and threw open his doors for business.

It’s obvious the Godshop was once a temple, but to which god, no one can say. The shop may be small, consisting of an open area and a dais at the back, but it’s packed with goods. Vinely is careful to keep goods relating to the major faiths well stocked, but he also has an assortment of more bizarre and esoteric items for the smaller faiths. Behind a curtain at the back of the shop are Vinely’s offices.

Most of the stock is quite valuable, cast of gold and silver and often studded with precious gems. He has rare herbs, odd idols, and oils from faraway lands. Security, then, is one of Vinely’s top priorities, and he employs a dozen well-trained and loyal guards. On occasion, guards from the temples come by to add their support. The temples value the service Brother Vinely provides to both them and their followers in exchange for a reasonable discount on items purchased.

Prominent NPCs
Wilford Vinely: Wilford Vinely owns the Godshop. Rather than subscribing to a particular faith, Vinely claims to follow the forces of commerce, seeing it as his role in life to bring the faithful the items they need, usually at a fair price but always with a hefty profit. Brother Vinely’s lack of a strong direction in his faith makes him a friend to all and a foe to only a few. Only the righteous are offended by his refusal to take sides in matters of faith.

Brother Vinely is an older man of average height and stout build. He has white hair, beard, and moustache and wears a pair of spectacles on the end of his nose. He wears white robes that make his beard seem a bit yellow. Around his neck hang the holy symbols of a dozen or so gods, all of which are for sale at a bargain price.

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