5 Gitch S Tower

A rickety, crooked tower claws at the skyline in the middle of Bloodsalt, looking like it might fall over any minute. This is the home of the district’s mightiest goblin wizard. While he may be small, ugly, and overconfident, Gitch truly is the most skilled mage in Bloodsalt’s savage community—and the only thing stopping the Militia from completely enslaving their smaller, weaker cousins.

Gitch was never as skilled as his wizardly peers, but he had enough intellect and cunning to master a small degree of magic and put it to use. Several years ago, he managed to trap a water elemental within a brewery, tapping its power through his spells. He installed the vat on a wagon, and Freeport’s Goblin Fire Department was born! For a small fee, Gitch would put out fires with the power of the elemental and make it very clear if you didn’t want another fire to break out, you’d best pay him a regular fee. As far as protection rackets go, it was remarkably sophisticated for Scurvytown, and anyone who tried to get rough with Gitch or his goblin accomplices discovered the little guy knew some very dangerous spells.

Gitch’s operation went smoothly for a couple of years, and he became one of the most respected goblins in Freeport (which isn’t saying much, but the other goblins thought him akin to a god). Then came the Great Green Fire, and suddenly there was a real fire to deal with. In order to save Scurvytown’s goblin community from destruction, Gitch released the water elemental; the creature was destroyed by the flames, but its liquid death throes extinguished numerous blazes and saved many lives. Gitch was a hero! Gitch was the goblin of the hour! Gitch… was out of a job, as were his cohorts.

The gratitude of Scurvytown’s goblins wasn’t enough to protect Gitch from the ire of his old customers or the rising racism of the local humans, so he relocated to Bloodsalt with the rest of his kind, hoping to find another scam to get rich. Instead, he found a ghetto full of goblins looking to him as their protector—and a gang of hobgoblins who wanted their puny brethren to work and die for their pleasure. Gitch’s natural cowardice fought with his desire to be loved by his fellows (backed up by a small degree of actual loyalty to them), and to everyone’s surprise, cowardice came second. His magic drove the hobgoblins off, and the goblins hailed him as their savior. They built him a tower in the middle of their ghetto and told all that Gitch the Great and Powerful was their leader!

Unfortunately for Gitch and his followers, the surviving hobgoblins joined the Redblade Militia. While the Militia has had other business to deal with since then, the time is coming when they’ll turn their attention to the goblin ghetto—and the uppity wizard that lives at its center.

The Tower of High Sorcery (as the locals call it) looks like it might fall over in a stiff breeze, and that’s probably not far from the truth; it was assembled from salvaged wood and debris and has yet to face a storm or hurricane. Crooked and leaning noticeably off center, the tower is made from various kinds of wood, stone, and other materials—barrels, packing crates, even part of Gitch’s old fire-fighting wagon—slapped together with whatever nails, plaster, and paint the goblins could steal. It’s surrounded by the tiny shacks, hovels, and lean-tos of the goblin ghetto, which takes up a block or so on Bloodsalt’s west side, under the shadow of the Eastern District’s wall. Human visitors stand out like a sore thumb in this area because they’re taller than many of the buildings (apart from the tower).

The interior of the tower is a warren of boxes, crates, stolen trash, knick-knacks and anything else the goblins have donated to their champion. The ceilings are low, and the smell is unpleasant; housekeeping is not a notable goblin talent. A ladder on the ground floor leads to the next, and a second ladder here leads up to the top floor. Gitch lives at the top and often peers worriedly out the windows, looking for signs of trouble. Up to a dozen goblins live in the bottom and middle floors to defend their leader and are ready to fire arrows and stones from the windows at invaders before fighting in close quarters.

Prominent NPCs
Gitch: A sneaky-looking goblin wizard with a greasy black topknot and a flashy black outfit liberally embroidered with red flame symbols, Gitch runs the most prominent firefighting enterprise on the Docks. He and his goblin crew drive their wagon with its large barrel of water to the scene of reported fires, and negotiate a price for their services. They are known to have the protection of the Family, who take a large cut of Gitch's business in return for that.

Contrary to expectations, the crew is actually quite effective at what they do, and several people pay them a retainer to guarantee their services will be available when required.

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