4 The Tombs

Sometimes even the most brilliant lawyer can’t keep a crook from going to jail. The main prison in Freeport is located inside the Fortress of Justice and is known throughout the city as the Tombs. They’ll tell you the building got its nickname because it was based on an elaborate mausoleum from the Jungle Lands, but the denizens of the underworld know differently. Many criminals who end up in the Tombs are never heard from again.

As a city founded by cutthroats and criminals, the question about what to do with the assorted scum that don’t abide by Freeport’s simple laws was an important one. While the city was a haven for expatriates and their ilk, it wasn’t acceptable for people do as they wanted—the city would collapse into anarchy. So, to deal with undesirables, Francisco had a compound constructed to lock away the folks that couldn’t function within the bounds of Freeport’s loose laws.

In the centuries that followed, the Tombs, as they’ve come to be called, have developed quite a reputation. Having held psychopaths, murderers, rapists, slavers, and countless other repellent individuals, the Tombs have welcomed countless members of Freeport’s criminals, interring them to a wretched fate in a dripping cell. Those who wind up here are rarely seen or heard from again, as if they were swallowed up by the fetid darkness. Disease, rats, and even other prisoners can snuff out a life quite quickly, but there are whispers of terrible things that stalk the alleys between cells in the dark of night, dragging their meals bodily through the slots in the door and leaving a mess of bloody meat and echoes of screams.

The building is solid brick. There’s a main floor above ground, with bars on all the windows, and reinforced walls that are three feet thick. The roof of the building is shaped like a ziggurat—it has no real reason for its appearance except to look massive and foreboding. The first floor is the headquarters for the jailer and guards. There’s also a mess hall, kitchen, larder, and chapel to the God of Penitence. Small groups of prisoners are taken here daily to hear sermons, sing hymns, and pray for forgiveness.

The prison cells are located on two levels underground. There are sixty cells on each floor, each cell approximately eight feet by six feet. Each can hold three prisoners, but most hold several more. The walls of the cells are constructed of large, stone blocks. With a lot of hard work, persistence, and some sort of digging tool, these heavy blocks can be loosened. Prisoners are fed twice a day with meals slipped through the small slots at the bottom of the cell doors. Some popular menu items—gruel, boiled bones, stale bread crusts, and fish head soup. Meals are served with a small cup of dirty water. Many prisoners go hungry, and some have even died of starvation.

Other ways to die inside the Tombs include death by venomous vermin, food poisoning, succumbing to disease, and being murdered by your
fellow cellmates. Prisoners kill each other over food, scraps of clothing, insults, vendettas, and grudges—or sometimes for no reason at all.

The Tombs are riddled with cunningly concealed tunnels. These passages range from cramped shafts leading nowhere, to elaborate avenues enabling a prisoner to either escape or keep in contact with his criminal allies. The Sea Lord’s Guard has done its best to brick up these routes, but most prisoners know of at least one passage. Unfortunately, the destination of these tunnels varies a great deal. Some lead to the sewers or other locations in the city, while others end abruptly, old stains signifying the fate of the would-be escapee. Perhaps the worst passages are those with no end that wind deeper and deeper into the earth. Only the most desperate would take these tunnels, for prisoners are quick to recount tales of those lost to the depths who vanished with a stifled scream.

Prominent NPCs
Alten Redfield: The Ghastly Guest, as he was known, is one of Freeport’s most notorious killers. He led a campaign of terror, striking down citizens at random. The fact that his murders had no patterns, no motives, made it nearly impossible for the Watch to catch him. In fact, he was never captured; he turned himself in with no explanation as to why he did what he did or why he turned himself in. Those in adjacent cells claim Redfeld whispers prayers to someone or something in the dead of night.

Gaunt and having big green eyes and a head full of wispy, gray hair, Alten seems unassuming enough. He’s dressed in clean prisoner’s garb and spends his days sitting on a stool, staring into space.

Greminy Greeg: Greminy Greeg (male human master) is among the worst criminals in recent memory. He began his career as one of Freeport’s most notorious criminals by stalking the streets of Drac’s End, raping and murdering prostitutes, both male and female. The remains were so thoroughly violated that, in most cases, the Watch would have to wait for someone to be reported missing before they could identify the bodies. To make matters worse, there were never any witnesses. The murderer simply vanished without a trace.

It wasn’t long before Greeg’s unholy cravings took a turn for the worse. Leaving Drac’s End, he moved into the Merchant District and set his sights on harvesting the fresh youth loitering there. Never particular about gender, Greeg stalked the sons and daughters of Freeport’s elite, racking up a dreadful body count and paralyzing the upper class with fear. The Sea Lord, feeling pressure from the council among others in the city, spared no expense to track him down and even paid the Wizards’ Guild handsomely to locate the villain. In spite of their best efforts, none could identify the killer.

The nature of the crimes aside, what made his capture so appalling was Greeg’s position as a beloved priest of Suel. Noted for his work with children and his life-long efforts to ease the suffering of the poor, the fact that such a virtuous man could in fact be a ruthless killer and sexual predator appalled the city. He was to be hanged, but his temple paid enough gold to have him imprisoned indefinitely. Greeg’s sentence was to be put in the Hulks, but for some reason, perhaps a hidden ally, he has remained in the Tombs instead.

Greeg is a corpulent man with moist lips and small, piggish eyes. He has fat jowls and greasy hair. Time as a prisoner has not been kind to him, and he’s sick with a number of diseases. Greeg has paid for his crimes several times over, since the other prisoners in the Tombs visit their own brand of justice on this wretch.

Marcus Edgel: Easily one of the Tombs’ oldest residents, Marius Edgel has survived in this inhospitable prison for almost a decade. At the peak of his career as a notorious crime lord, he managed upwards of a dozen operations, including smuggling, extortion, larceny, and even murder. In particular, Marius managed a small circle of assassins in Freeport and on the Continent, and several high profile assassinations fell squarely on his shoulders. The Continent’s efforts to extradite the man had all failed since Freeport had no intention of turning over one of their citizens, so a team of killers came for Marius instead. After thwarting eight attempts on his life, Marius realized he could not continue to run his business on the “outside,” so he voluntarily turned himself in. Although he’s nearly sixty, Marius is in great shape. He has short brown hair and brown eyes.

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