4 The Gilt Club

The Gilt Club is the exclusive club the Merchants’ Guildhouse, associated as it with the filthy workings of actual commerce (deucedly close to real work, don’t you know), could never manage to be. The annual dues for membership in the Gilt Club are so expensive as to be far beyond the grasp of all but the wealthiest people in town. Nonetheless, membership is technically open to any and all, even those beyond Freeport’s borders—but to become a member of the Gilt Club, you have to be invited. The standard procedure is for a current member to bring along a prospective member as a guest for an evening. This gives the other members a chance to see if the prospective member is “Gilt Club material”. If they approve of the newcomer, an offer to join can be extended. Few who are afforded the opportunity—and who can afford the opportunity—turn it down.

Although based in Freeport, the Gilt Club was established by wealthy noblemen from the Continent, aristocrats with far more money to burn than even the most successful pirate, who wanted a place where they could relax in opulence when visiting the city. The Gilt Club is governed by the entire membership, which elects a president to serve for one year at a time. Millant Lefevre has been the president for the past seventeen years. Most members feel that the extremely cultured elf lends an atmosphere of propriety, culture, and exclusivity that the club was lacking in the past.

The exterior of the Gilt Club is surprisingly low-key. Yes, it’s a large and well-appointed manor house, but there are several of those in the Merchant District. A closer inspection reveals just how strongly built the house is, and how well guarded. As for the inside, the Gilt Club is more lavishly outfitted than an emperor’s castle; it makes the Sea Lord’s Palace look like a cheap shanty in Scurvytown. The floors are all polished wood or marble. The walls are paneled with the finest woods, decorated with intricate marquetry. Every bit of metal seems to be of the finest gold, keeping the place true to its name. The bar here stocks only the best ales, liquors, and wines. The kitchen features dishes from the best chef in the islands. Special cigars are hand-rolled for the members of the club.

Prominent NPCs
Millant Lefevre: The president of the Club. Lefevre is an unusually tall elf, and is well known around the District for his superb manners and impeccable dress sense. He is always perfectly turned out, and does more than any of his members to keep up the high standards associated with his Club. His dedication in this area has made him very popular, and he has not faced any serious challengers for his title.

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