4 Temple Of Tempest

While many respectable people wouldn’t be caught as a waterlogged corpse in the pirate-friendly Free Temple of Tempest, just about everyone in Freeport pays tribute to her in one way or another. This is a maritime city-state, after all, and every soul in the place relies on the sea for some aspect of their life, whether through the import or export of goods or through shipping, fishing, or merely to redirect the god’s wrath and give sailors a gentle sea for their next voyage.

For as long as Freeport has existed, there’s been a shrine to Tempest. When the first priest to Kiril the War God received his revelation that he should found a new temple, work was already underway on the new Temple to Tempest. At first, this structure was nothing more than a shrine erected around a pool of briny water. Pirates would come here and give a portion of their wine. But in time, the water turned into a foul soup of rancid, salty wine, so the clerics shifted the practice to the sea.

Just over six centuries ago, a pious sailor named Samuel Frest left his fortune to the priests, who then used the funds to erect a proper house of worship for the goddess. Until then, Freeporters believed the only temple the religion needed was the oceans, for it is believed that the goddess sleeps beneath the waters off the Island, and when angry, she stirs and mutters, giving birth to tremendous storms and treacherous waters. Regardless, work continued, and after fifty years, a fine temple stood around the original shrine.

The Temple of Tempest has stood over the centuries, unharmed by the hurricanes that sometimes slam into the city, resisting upheavals and war, and any other calamity that has befallen the city. Most people think Tempest herself shelters the place from destruction, but the fact is the priests are careful to sustain this illusion by cleaning and doing upkeep at night.

Tempest’s servants spend most of their time in the harbor, communing with the sea and the creatures living in it. They had good relations with the merfolk who lived off the coast, and before they vanished, the temple leaders would visit their watery neighbors in their undersea homes. Spotting a follower of Tempest is easy. They all go about wearing diaphanous aquamarine robes that strikingly resemble the waters off Skull Island. Most dye their hair green and braid it with strands of seaweed.

The Temple of Tempest may not be the biggest temple in the district, but it is impressive enough in its own right. Standing two stories tall, it has a large, open courtyard. A pool of saltwater stands in the middle—the same pool that has stood here for almost eight hundred years—and on clear warm days, the priests hold their services here. Worshipers and clergy climb into the pool and splash about until they are sufficiently wrinkled, at which point the high priest calls the services to an end.

The rest of the temple holds the priests’ private quarters, prayer rooms, and an indoor chapel for inclement weather. No expense has been spared for this hall. Saltwater fountains fill the air with mist, while gaudy tile mosaics of Tempest and sea creatures decorate the walls and floor. The ceiling is the most impressive because it is painted to give everyone the perspective of being underwater.

Prominent NPCs
Mother Lorilee: The leader of the Temple of Tempest is a priestess called Mother Lorilee, a handsome woman in her early sixties who has held the post for almost fifteen years. Her oneness with her goddess is unquestioned. As an acolyte, Lorilee was once tossed overboard by pirates while traveling out of Freeport as a missionary. Despite being over twenty miles from the nearest patch of dry land, she not only survived but also beat her assailants back to Freeport. When the ship arrived, the followers of Tempest were waiting for them. They sank the ship in the middle of Freeport Harbor, the top of its mast standing for years as a warning to those who would wrong her chosen people.

Lorilee has long, gray hair braided with seaweed. She wears a circlet of pink shells given to her by the merfolk, and she dons the customary robes of her temple and spends much of her time walking the harbor. Of late, Lorilee has spent more and more time in the seas searching for the lost merfolk, which has forced her to cede some of her powers and authority to Sister Gwendolyn.

Sister Gwendolyn: The Captains’ Council has always maintained a representative of the Temple of Tempest as a sign of respect. This is currently Sister Gwendolyn, a member of long standing who is both popular and influential. However, the two roles she plays—second in the temple and councilor—keep her busy and prevent her from looking too closely at her peers’ often-shady pursuits. Practical and self-assured, she has a strong personality and is a natural leader.

Gwendolyn’s relationship with Mother Lorilee, leader of her temple in Freeport, is difficult. Gwendolyn respects the wishes of the high priestess and tries to anticipate her desires, but Lorilee’s frequent expeditions beneath the waves make it challenging, especially when the matriarch dresses her down for not thinking of something she sees as obvious. While such treatment chafes a bit, Gwendolyn tolerates Lorilee’s eccentricities because she knows something serious distracts the mother from the day-to-day duties of the temple.

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