23 The Freeport Pirate S Museum

The Freeport Pirate's museum, is actually a collectiong of three large barges that have been recommisioned as a floating tribute to some of Freeport's notorious Pirates. The Barges have been lashed together, and thier hull drilled to allow visitors to travel through all three barges, and admire paintings, carvings, and other items relating to the one time "kings" of the Sea.

Exhibits include:

  • Captain Ahab's journal
  • Feisty Filecia's blood-stained Noose
  • Black Bart's poem carved into the Calypso's bench
  • Ren's Broken Longsword
  • Ioz's Golden Looking Glass

Each item is displayed along with ioformation on the pirate and his ship and crew. A painting of the Pirate. A small model of his ship in a bottle, built by a master creftman and any other items recoverd relating to the Pirate.

Admission is 5sp per person, but only pay 4 with a copy of the latest Freeport Times. Also make sure t pick up a copy of the Freeport Times special Pirate edition, available at the musuem. This Special Collector's ediion of the City's popular source of fair and balanced news is sure to only go up in value. A steal at only 3sp.

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