22 The Old Stage

While it may not be able to compete with the Freeport Opera House in the Merchant District, the Old Stage does have some generous patrons and manages to put on some excellent performances. It has a small resident company of actors who run a selection of common plays, and occasionally attempt more adventurous efforts from more difficult playwrights. Despite that, however, performances are periodically disrupted by audiences jeering actors they dislike - or even throwing assorted missiles at them.

There has been a theater in the Eastern District more or less since the city first spilled out of its walls. Originally, it was little more than an open field hosting performances that were little more than strip shows for pirate-heavy crowds. As the city grew, the theater grew with it, and eventually acquired a purpose-built home in the Eastern District, almost exactly on the site of the fields where its initial performances were held. The theater is now owned by the Roberts family, who recently hired Eddarth to serve as a full-time artistic director.

The Old Stage is actually the name of the building the theater occupies. It was built only recently, largely using money donated by Captain Roberts. He built it in emulation of the famed theater in Sanction, albeit on a smaller scale. The building is an attractive structure, with a facade built largely of imported Erothian stone for greater authenticity. Inside, the stage is allegedly made from planks used in the flooring of the first permanent theater built on the site, a claim that gives the building its name.

Prominent NPCs
Barad Eddarth: The artistic director of the Old Stage. A flighty, verbose man, he seems almost a stereotype of the artistic temperament. He took the job after leaving his previous employment in Seaport in an angry dispute over money, and he has already been embroiled in several of those since taking his current position. He loves organizing and hosting plays, but struggles with budgets and managing his various staff. He is trying to import some better actors from other cities, but has not yet been successful.

Rikard Burbage: A well-built and handsome half-elf, Burbage has become a regular subject of the Freeport News. His steady supply of bar brawls and torrid love affairs have become better known than his achievements on stage, but he shows no sign of caring. He wears his hair long and wavy, with a pencil-thin mustache. He conducts himself like one of his swashbuckling characters, and takes every chance to find and seduce a new female target. Young or old, single or married, it does not matter to him.

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