21 Eddies

Eddie's is a straightforward brothel, with no claim to be anything more than what it is. It caters to the sailors and other travelers passing through the city, and offers nothing beyond the basic services.

Eddie's was named for its original owner, a legendary drunk who managed to impress even the denizens of the roughest parts of the Docks with his capacity to drink away his profits. Stories say he could outdrink any two dwarves, and that he was the leading customer at three different breweries in the city. Perhaps not surprisingly, Eddie's judgement was sometimes flawed, and he allowed Kanavis to take his business from him in a fairly straightforward con.

Eddie's sits in the worst part of the Docks, and it looks appropriate. The building is battered and run down, and Kanavis' amateurish attempts at painting it have not helped. Indeed, some say he must be color-blind. Inspired by other, classier houses, he has attempted to paint a symbol of Derrilyn on one of the walls. However, it didn't work out too well, and more than one customer has come in looking to buy knives or other metalwork.

Prominent Characters
Kanavis Trellick: A classic pimp, Kabavis fancies himself as a stylish, educated man about town. In support of this, he wears expensive clothes, jewelry and even perfumes. However, he has no idea how to assemble these elements into a coherent outfit, and other inhabitants of the area, let alone real sophisticates, laugh at him. Nonetheless, he aspires to become the most prominent pimp in the city. He has even made a point of selling himself to both main underground organizations, but so far neither have shown much interest.

Crazy Mary: Perhaps the most popular, and certainly the longest-serving, of Kanavis' employees. She is an unremarkable-looking woman, who spends the money she saves up on a growing collection of exotic seashells. She ended up working for Eddie after arriving in the city alone and nearly penniless a couple of years ago, saying that she had fled her former job working for a wizard when the locals attempted to lynch them at the urging of some itinerant preachers.

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