20 The Devil S Luck

A large gaming house and brothel, the Devil's Luck is perhaps the most famous of Finn's properties. It offers a full range of gambling games, as well as a similar breadth of selections for those searching for a little extra companionship. Unlike most gambling dens in the city, its patrons generally believe the games offered to be honest. This fact explains much of the house's popularity….

The Devil's Luck started out as one of the plentiful backroom gambling dens found throughout the city. When Finn returned to the Eastern District, he took it over after its previous owner fled town with the gangs he defeated He realized that it had considerable potential, as there was no well-regarded casino anywhere in Freeport. He proceeded to devote a significant effort to building it up, and placed one of his more able lieutenants in charge. Since then, Vestman has kept a sure hand on the house, and he has made himself and his boss a great deal of money.

The Devil's Luck sits in one of the larger buildings in the Eastern District. The structure is decorated with images of smiling, cheerful devils, mixed in with luxurious wallhangings and liberal use of marble and gold paint. All in all, it is one of the classier establishments in the District, despite sitting close to the border with Bloodsalt.

Prominent NPCs
Lancil Vestman: A smoothly professional operator, Vestman has run the Devil's Luck since Finn took it over. He prides himself on his knowledge of everything that goes on within his establishment, and ensures that everything is run fairly enough to keep the customers coming back. He also makes a point of running a similarly efficient security operation, which also contributes to the popularity of his operation.

Terreth Inchin: A slender man of average height, Inchin is a regular gambler in the Devil's Luck. He is a determined, perpetually grim-eyed player, but fun and amiable to be around when not actually playing. He has earned a reputation for intelligence and discretion, and is sometimes reputed to be involved in one of the smaller gangs attempting to infiltrate the property.

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