2 The Seaside Market

The Docks are home to countless small shops and pubs, all catering to the varied tastes and interests of those who brave the seas to reach Freeport. Although, only the Seaside Market comes close to reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of the Docks. This thriving corridor is the true crucible of the Docks, for here is where most merchants sell their wares and most travelers make purchases. Goods from all over the world change hands beneath the tents and out of the backs of carts. Exotic fruits, grains, livestock, and other perishables can be found here, but this place also holds great treasures for those with the coin to spend. One vendor may deal in (occasionally authentic) priceless relics brought forth from the ancient tombs of Incara, while another may peddle silks brought from far-flung Chi-Chsura. Weapons, armor, curiosities, and treasures are all for sale. Of course, there’s no shortage of cutpurses and thieves who’ll get their coin through less honest means, but this is a busy and important part of Freeport, forming the very spine of the city’s economy.

Freeporters never planned for the Seaside Market; it just appeared. It’s been in the city for as long as anyone can remember and for good reason. The Seaside Market stands on the main thoroughfare from the Docks to the Old City. It didn’t take Freeport’s merchants and peddlers long to figure out that they would move more of their goods if they went to their customers rather than the other way around. Thus, what started as a few ambitious vendors quickly exploded into the incredible, dynamic market that stands here today. But the Seaside Market is not just for native merchants. Visiting dealers grew wise to the strategic value of the place, so people man stalls and carts, selling goods newly brought in from all over the world.

Beginning just north of the two northernmost piers in the Docks, the Seaside Market runs across the district, all the way up to the walls of the Old City. It is a large, vibrant, open- air bazaar where shoppers can find almost anything they might want—for a price. The entire area is crammed full of tents, tables, and stalls, all filled to overflowing with all sorts of merchandise ranging from fresh fish and imported vegetables to live cattle to books to weaponry of all kinds.

Goods of a magical nature can be found here as well, and spellcasters come from all over the city to acquire weird ingredients for their sorcerous pursuits.
Wherever there’s such a large amount of unbridled commerce, there are also thieves and con men of all stripes. The Seaside Market is not the safest place in the city, even in broad daylight, and the Watch is notorious for ignoring anything short of an outright brawl in the narrow aisles between the merchants.

Even with the risk of theft, people come here in droves. The prices are generally much cheaper than elsewhere in the city, so many people make regular pilgrimages down to the Seaside Market for necessities.

Prominent Characters
Brunnor Wallingston: Brunnor Wallingston is a dwarf who runs a small business selling a broad selection of potions, elixirs, unguents, incenses, and more. Everything from virility concoctions to love potions to more magical substances can be had for the right price. Brunnor claims to brew all his own wares, but in truth, he has two sorcerers working off their debt of passage in the basement of his home a few blocks over. He’s probably the biggest mage smuggler in the region, bringing renegades and exiles (especially sorcerers fleeing the Order of Illumination) from elsewhere to Freeport in exchange for a year of service, brewing alchemical substances and magical potions.

A stout dwarf, Brunnor stands just under five feet t all and weighs approximately two hundred and fifty pounds. He has black hair that he wears in long braids, his beard is full and black, and he has an onyxstone inserted in the socket of his missing left eye.

Halkos Tremiir: A halfling physician who serves those too poor to afford the clerics in the Temple District, Halkos puts on a friendly face to his customers, and enjoys his work, eavesdropping and gossiping about other people’s business. He keeps his head shaved to the scalp, has long, pierced ears, and has a pale complexion. While working, he wears a long, white coat over the top of a mail shirt to ensure he’s protected from any disgruntled clients.

Jaminy Swift: A notorious thief and scamp, Jaminy Swift is an adolescent that roves the Seaside Market. He’s in charge of a gang of urchins who share his talents for larceny. A former stowaway who happened to land in Freeport, Jaminy has survived by his wits, speed, and cherubic looks. A few fishwives have tried to reform the boy, but all attempts have ended in disaster. Despite their failures, Jaminy is well liked in the market, and most folks pay him a few coins each week to keep him and his thieves away from their merchandise.

Jaminy controls a gang of two dozen orphans ranging in age from six to thirteen. He’s the undisputed leader, and none of the children would dare cross him. The group lives with a pack of aggressive dogs in an abandoned warehouse, buried beneath a jumble of buildings in the Docks.

Jaminy has red hair and freckles, stands five feet tall, and weighs eighty pounds. He wears a fine white shirt, snug breeches, and a pair of soft leather shoes he stole from a disagreeable halfling last year.

Nevtalathien: Owner of Nev’s Leather, Nevtalathien is a veteran elven mercenary who settled in Freeport after spending a life as a sell sword. Remembering the city fondly from her infrequent visits in the past, she decided to try her luck at an honest life. She opened a leatherworker’s business in the Seaside Market and found Freeport was as good a home as any and retired here. Still, Nev sometimes goes away for a few weeks, only to return with a fresh new batch of scars.

Nev resents her elven ancestry and is cool, bordering on rude to elven customers. She has bright green eyes and refined features hinting at her fey heritage. She’s pretty, but her experience in battle and her age has left her sour and cynical.

Pious Pete: Another famous character of the Seaside Market is Pious Pete. This scruffy old salt claims to have once been a priest who had to flee the Mark after a misunderstanding. Rather than draw undue attention by establishing a new order to his mysterious god, Pete gave up the cloth in favor of a life of drinking.

He had a great time, but he ran out of money quickly. He set out to find something easy to do, having no love for honest labor. Since walking was about the extent of his effort, he learned a lot about the city. In the space of a year, he had learned the names of most streets and alleys, figuring out short cuts and routes to avoid. Then it struck him. People got lost in Freeport all the time, and he knew the city. Why not get paid for leading folks around? And so, Pious Pete
became a guide.

Pious Pete doesn’t look like much. He’s grizzled with a white beard stained yellow around the mouth, a red face, and a bald head. He smells a bit like sour milk and old vomit. He’s rarely far from a bottle. He’s a bit obsessed with bottles. When he finishes a drink, he ties a string around the neck and hangs it from his shirt, the bottles clinking together as he walks. When deep in his cups, he sometimes speaks in a strange language and makes odd gestures as if performing some religious ritual.

Aloum Batar: A monk from an unknown foreign land, Aloum wanders the Docks attempting to protect those who need it. He grew up learning the martial arts traditions of his family, but decided that he needed to travel abroad to complete his education. His training emphasized the responsibility to protect people from those who would oppress them, and he eagerly embraced this requirement. Unfortunately, the Docks contain rather more criminals than anything he had anticipated, and so he has had to spend more of his time running and eluding pursuit than planned. Still, he is determined to live up to his training.

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