2 The Pawn Shop

Drac’s End has several secondhand shops where people can buy and sell whatever goods they can get their hands on. The owner of the Pawn’s Shop, Egil Horne, is a bit less curious than are others about where his goods might have originally come from. In blunt terms, he’s a fence.

No one really knows what Egil Horne did before he set up his shop over ten years ago, and no one much cares. All that matters is that anyone looking to buy or sell just about anything can come to the Pawn’s Shop and try their luck, no questions asked. The Watch knows Horne’s a fence, but he makes enough money to pay them to leave him alone. They see him as more of a service to the city than a threat, so they only hassle him if something important turns up missing. The bribe money is just icing on the cake. At least this way, they know who to go to if they’re looking for information on a specific stolen item.

The Pawn’s Shop is a small, narrow shop front at the end of an alleyway in Drac’s End. Bars cover both the long, narrow windows and the door at the front, a door so thin only one person can enter and leave at a time. A sign above the door shows both the shop’s name and a rough painting of a chess pawn.

The store is quite dark inside; Horne prefers not to see the faces of his clientele too clearly—or for them to see too far into the depths of his haven. The security on the building is incredibly tight for a place in Drac’s End, mostly to keep the clientele from getting any ideas. The windows and doors all bear good locks, as do the cases around the store, while Horne always keeps a weapon or two on hand (and he knows how to use them). Behind the store area, other locked rooms contain additional merchandise and Horne’s living quarters.

Prominent NPCs
Egil Horne: Egil Horne is a businessman, pure and simple. He’s happy to buy just about anything from anyone at a below- market price, as long as he’s reasonably confident that he can turn it around later—and that the real owners aren’t going to come around to give him any grief. If he gets hassled by the law or anyone else over anything, he’s usually more than happy to hang the people out to dry who sold him the goods in question. After all, it should be their problem, not his.

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