2 The Marina

Situated at the watery end of Wave Street, the Marina features the best-kept docks in all of Freeport. Most of the slips here are built only for smaller boats, mostly yachts, not the cargo-carrying ships that pull in at the piers along the rest of Freeport’s shoreline. However, a bigger ship could dock at two or three different spots.

The docking fees here are literally ten times what they are in other parts of town. While the prices are exorbitant, the services rendered are almost worth it. The simple fact that the costs keep the riff-raff out of the area is reason enough for most of the Marina’s patrons to keep their boats here.

When Freeport was first founded, every ship owner, rich or poor, moored her craft at the Docks. That kind of egalitarian situation didn’t sit well at
all with the rising upper/merchant class of the city; they wanted to feel superior to other sailors, with their own exclusive docking facilities. The
Marina is perfect, as physically (and financially) removed as possible from the fishing scows and pirate schooners on the wharves. Most vessels in the Marina are used for pleasure, rather than shipping or piracy; those captains who actually sail for a reason still berth at the Docks.

Located at the far northern edge of Freeport, the Marina consists of several piers cut off from the rest of the island by a tall, wrought iron fence topped with vicious spikes (and allegedly bearing magical alarms). This is one place where the Merchant District’s lighting system doesn’t reach; at night, the lamplight reaches only a short distance into the Marina, and the ships bob in darkness.

The Marina is guarded twenty-four hours a day by a team of twelve guards. Two stand at the sole gate into the Marina at all times, while another two or three patrol the waterfront. Because of the poor lighting, the guards carry torches as they patrol.

Prominent NPCs
Wilmario: Wilmario is the Marina’s dock master, a striking individual with long hair and bright, green eyes. Before retiring from active sailing to take up his current position, Wilmario spent fifty years plying the trade lanes around Freeport as the best-known first mate a captain could ever want. Everything about him speaks of the sea. There’s little that he doesn’t know about boats of any kind.

Rex Nash: While residents of the Merchant District own most of the boats in the Marina, a few people actually live on their ships full time. The most notorious of these is Rex Nash, a well- known womanizer who resides on a double-masted schooner called the Waveroller. A wealthy rake, Rex made his fortune as a swashbuckling adventurer before deciding to retire at the tender age of thirty. He shares his space with a series of beautiful women of all races, plus his manservant Nang, who is both a skilled martial artist and an excellent bartender.

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