2 The Dead Pelican

The Dead Pelican is a seedy little pub, seemingly little different than dozens of other such joints in Scurvytown. A copper will get you a watered down beer, and two more some pub fare (sausages, meat pies, etc.) to go with it. The menu is limited, the decor is dreary and run down, and the locals are surly. But the price is right and the owner, Jamison, is friendlier than you'd expect.

The Dead Pelican is a typical Scurvytown inn. The messy, run-down building has been owned by many different people over the years, and has been used for almost as many different purposes. Jamison bought it from the previous owner a year or so ago, and changed the name to match the star of one of his more popular seafaring tales.

The Dead Pelican is a one-story building of old, stained timbers. Rather than paint a sign at the front, Jamison nailed a stuffed pelican over the doorway, and superstition prevents thieves from taking it. Narrow alleyways at the side and back of the building are the tavern’s “outhouse,” and rats skulk in the shadows, watching the patrons go about their business.

Inside, the tavern is much like any of its rivals in the district—low, dirty, dark, and full of drunken sailors. Rats can occasionally be seen scuttling under tables or hiding in the corners. A plate of pies sits atop the bar, rarely touched. An unpleasant smell can occasionally be detected over the stink of unwashed patrons; it gets notably worse in the tavern’s large cellar, where Jamison keeps barrels of rum.

Prominent NPCs
Jamison: A graying, sad-eyed man, Jamison worked as a marine on several merchant ships over the years and he has some entertaining, if tall, tales to tell of his time at sea, roving the world wide. He even claims the gold he used to buy the Dead Pelican was given to turn by a beautiful mermaid (is there any other kind?).

He dresses in a mix of his old seafaring outfits, sometimes adding a silk cloak he acquired during his travels through the seas to the south.

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