2 Redblade Barracks

A district where humans and elves fear to tread but is still nominally under the control of the Captains’ Council must retain some kind of law Worder. The Redblade Militia—a small army of belligerent, swaggering, yet disciplined hobgoblins under the control of the warlord Draegar Redblade—supplies just that. This battalion of savage killers operates from their fortified barracks at the northern end of Bloodsalt, from which they send out patrols to enforce Redblade’s whims with an iron fist.

It quickly became apparent that the human troops of the Watch and the Sea Lord’s Guard were incapable of policing the new district. The half-orcs and hobgoblins resented them and were far more likely to gang up and attack interlopers than respect their authority. Riots were destabilizing the district and jeopardizing the Reclamation Project, a massive investment the Captains’ Council needed to protect. It was at this tumultuous time Draegar Redblade approached the council with a proposal—he and his hobgoblin militia would police Bloodsalt for a fraction of the cost of human troops in return for the authority to enforce the law their own way. It was a naked grab for power on Redblade’s part, and the council knew it, just as they knew it was the best offer they were going to get before Bloodsalt went up in flames. The paperwork was signed and the Redblade Militia became the law.

Draegar Redblade’s recruits were the fiercest and most disciplined warriors in Bloodsalt, and they cut a bloody swathe through the riots. Hobgoblin squads swept through every alleyway and clearing, punishing any who resisted their demands, making it clear they (and not the uncaring humans) were in charge. Over the course of a few weeks, Bloodsalt fell into line—all but the orc pirates that had been forced into the district by the racist thugs of Scurvytown. Conflicts between hobgoblins and half-orcs became a fixture in the district that continues to the present day.

The Redblade Barracks house is a large, low building of stone, wood, and bricks, situated on the northern half of Bloodsalt. The building was designed as a fortress in case the inhabitants of the district ever turn against their oppressors. Reinforced double doors at each end can be barred and bolted from inside, and narrow windows serve as sniping posts for archers while also preventing entry from outside. The area around the barracks is devoid of houses or any form of cover, and two pair of militia hobgoblins patrol it day and night.

Although savage, the Militia are disciplined (for now) and under Draegar’s firm control, and the inside of the barracks house is as clean and well maintained as that of any human army. Pallets and beds are arrayed at each end of the building near the doors, leaving space for several dozen hobgoblins to bunk down. Any intruder will have to contend with a room full of warriors before penetrating further. Internal walls surround kitchens, vaults, and Draegar Redblade’s personal quarters.

Prominent NPCs
Draegar Redblade: Draegar Redblade is the leader of Freeport’s hobgoblin community and the nonhuman labor gangs of Bloodsalt. Redblade has worked his way through the ranks of the city’s criminal gangs to take control of a district.

Draegar is a bit short for a hobgoblin, standing just under six feet in height. What he lacks in height he makes up for in muscle, with a solid, athletic frame. His skin is dark red and he has a thick mane of red-brown hair. He carries his ancestral sword at all times, a potent blade rumored to inflict deep, bleeding wounds. When prepared for combat he wears chainmail and a shield.

Draegar is careful and calculating, in both day-to-day life and in combat, never letting his anger take control. Preferring slow, carefully planned responses to hasty actions, Draegar is remarkably patient and even-tempered (especially for a goblinoid) and is willing to make many sacrifices in order to secure an eventual victory. His weakness is his belief in the superiority of hobgoblins over all other species, and he may underestimate “lesser” races, especially halflings or goblins.

Rakhuum Sharktooth: Rakhuum earned his name as a pirate, killing a shark armed only with a long knife. The young hobgoblin is stronger and even more savage than his brethren, one of the few capable of matching the strength of an enraged orc. For his strength and his discipline, Draegar has made Rakhuum his lieutenant and the second-in-command of the Redblade Militia. In return, Sharktooth has pledged undying loyalty to Draegar.

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