2 Guardsmens Facilities

The Guardsmen’s Facilities is the headquarters of the Sea Lord’s Guard and Freeport Watch.

Of the three buildings that serve as the engines of government, the Guardsmen’s Facilities was the first constructed, but ensuring the city’s laws was not its original intent. Built shortly after the city was founded, the building served as the seat of the despots’ power. Those pirate captains with the most power and influence used this place to administer their brand of justice. Anyone who opposed them, broke the pirate’s code, or simply irritated them died horribly on the steps of this old building. This practice continued throughout Freeport’s golden age up until Captain Drac took the title of the first Sea Lord. To secure his power, Drac established the Sea Lord’s Guard to police the city streets and make certain his enemies had no chance of rising against him. Knowing the building’s sinister reputation, Drac made it the headquarters for the Guard.

The only entrance into this somber building is through the main gate that faces Mollusk Street. Inside the gate is an iron portcullis that is closed at night, and a crew of veteran guards protects the gate. Though disciplined and cautious, they have a reputation for being sadistic. Should any problems arise, they can summon reinforcements in moments by blowing the signal whistles worn about their necks.

Flanking the gate are two enormous towers that hold an entire company of guardsmen each. Armed with repeating crossbows, they are crack shots and quick to put down any they deem as trouble. These guardsmen protect the gate and walk the wall surrounding the fortress. During the day, the gate is swarmed with relatives of the prisoners, as well as curiosity seekers, preachers, petitioners, and protesters seeking entry. Citizens are not permitted to carry a weapon into the compound. Persons trying to do so are not permitted to enter. Should they persist, they are given a sound beating, and if not jailed, they are tossed out onto the street.

Inside the headquarters are the barracks, dining hall, kitchens, infirmary, and training facilities. There are usually ten new recruits at any given time. Recruits are responsible for all of the cooking and cleaning in the building. There are also twenty members of the Sea Lord’s Guard stationed here, plus a sergeant, captain, and the commander.

An armory located on the first floor holds weapons and armor for up to two hundred and fifty men. In addition to the standard-issue smash sticks, there are swords, spears, shields, bows, and crossbows here as well. Two guardsmen are on hand at all times to manage the inventory and dispense weapons and armor to those members of the Sea Lord’s Guard who need them.

The second floor holds all the men, with private, single-room quarters for the sergeant and the captain. The commander has a separate wing, where there is an office, dining room, library, and bedroom. This wing is referred to by everyone as the Commissioner's Wing.

A training ground fronts the Guardsmen’s Facilities. The Sea Lord’s Guard drills here, marching in formation and running mock battles. This is also the place where duels may be fought between soldiers and old scores settled. The duels are supposed to be non-lethal, but from time to time “accidents” happen and a guardsman is retired permanently.

Prominent NPCs
Commissioner Enoch Holliver: A member of the Captains’ Council and the Commissioner of the Freeport Watch. As the captain of the Viridian Company of mercenaries, he had a storied career on the Continent before retiring to Freeport.

Enoch Holliver is an imposing figure. He tops six feet and keeps his brown hair cut short in military style. He wears an unadorned uniform of the Freeport Watch and always carries a sword and dagger. Although approaching forty years of age he remains in impressive physical condition. Holliver appears to be a gruff and straightforward military man who always speaks his mind.

Captain Emery Shent: Second in command of the Sea Lord’s Guard is Captain Emery Shent. Despite rumors of his unspeakable tastes and diversions, Emery is a strict disciplinarian, and he has a reputation for brooking no nonsense among his men. Emery joined the ranks of the Sea Lord’s Guard over a decade ago. He distinguished himself by saving Milton Drac’s life as a young recruit, swiftly climbed the ranks, and eventually named captain by the new commander. While on business, he is the consummate professional, personally overseeing the drills and tactical training to convert his men into a fighting force equal to any Continental army. But off duty, it’s said his interests lie in the pleasures of the flesh, and more than one watchman has been paid to look the other way and keep their captain’s secrets safe.

Emery Shent is a middle-aged man with thinning brown hair, craggy features, and pale blue eyes. He wears a thick moustache that droops down on either side of his mouth. Nearly always dressed in full uniform, he keeps his grey jacket pressed and his decorations polished. He keeps a saber in a scabbard at his side.

Sargent Ruben Carsdale: Beneath Emery Shent is the dreaded Sergeant Ruben Carsdale. He’s a crude, brute of a man famous for his volatile personality and his eagerness to resort to violence to get his point across. He rules through fear and fists, daring any man in the Sea Lord’s Guard to stand against him. However, Ruben changes his tune when in the presence of his betters. He becomes a simpering sycophant, eager to please his masters. Ruben Carsdale is short, thick, and hairy. At the start of his shift, his uniform is always clean and crisp, but after a few hours, it’s noticeably dark with sweat. He keeps a club in his belt and a sword in a scabbard at his side.

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